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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Exercises & 2002 Oct 31 halloween photos

Exercises, I just done:

(20 situps, 10pressups, 10standing squats) repeated 5 times, with stretches in between, plus an extra 14 situps. Total 114 situps, 50 pressups and 50 standing squats.

In other news, I developed some photos from last year:

(click to view 30 newly added photos)

I now have 651 photos online!

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I see no photos... o.O

The page uses Javascript to retrieve and display the right photos... does it say "There are 0 photos on this page"? Try waiting a minute, it might just be slow.

I *am* working on a way of reducing the Javascript, it's bad that I'm using it.

(And DHTML...)

I'm using Mozilla 1.2, on which I'm pretty certain Java is correctly installed. It's been a while since my last comment. Between the photo-pages menus at the top and bottom, it says:

There are photos on this page:

I.e. it doesn't say 0. Yarr.

Only the 'Vexen up a tree in Hyde Park' photo menu works! It's an OMEN!

That is because that page is the first category to be converted to non-Javascript. And... I only use Javascript, a completely different kettle of fish to Java from a browsers point of view. At present, the photosite only really works in IE 5 and 6, and I don't know that any other browser is capable of doing DHTML and Javascript yet.

I am converting more pages to non-Javascript, but I'm losing functionality by doing so... it's hard to manage 650 photos with static pages!

OK, I host all the new images (along with a few old ones) on an account on a 3rd party site, from whom I retrieve inline images:


Damn, squirrel, your evil truly knows no bounds! IE-only? That's so 1998 ;)

If only you knew the full extent of boundlessness! You would have said it's more like 1984!

I was planning on fixing up more into non-JavaScript (a British Museum page and a Torture Garden photo page), but I got distracted by wathcing Soylent Green then a James Bond movie (the fourth one, first one with a change of actor, I forget the details).

But ... Soylent Green is.. people!

No, BELIEVE THE PROPOGANDA, it is made from plankton! But how can this be? The plankton is all dying!

"After Torture Garden": Tweet-twoo! Nice legs! ;)

"London Satanists Meet": (you in sunglasses) Cool. What a handsome devil. :) Uhh... pun intended? :Þ j/k

Tee hee *smiles*

They're not my sunglasses, I forget whose they were, but I like.

Ah, who cares whose they were! They looked good. :)

Exercises, I just done: (20 situps, 10pressups, 10standing squats) repeated 5 times, with stretches in between, plus an extra 14 situps. Total 114 situps, 50 pressups and 50 standing squats.
Are these with added weights? :) Impressive! Isn't exercise fun? (Gee, I guess you hardly ever hear that phrase, eh?)

I like my workouts to flow like a dance (esp. since dance is often part of it): Warm-up aerobically; aerobic dance/workout for 20-30 minutes; transitional muscle work (done standing) such as squats, back lunges & other leg work & upper body work w/ light weights; floor work for abs & more lower body; then some stretches & Yoga-like stuff to cool down with. ...All done to the perfectly chosen exercise music of my preference. :)

I actually went and worked out at the hotel's gym on vacation for about an hour, then got an hour-long massage. I tell ya, I was bouncin' after that, I felt so good! =) This in addition to all the walking and going up and down multiple flights of steps day in & day out. I need to do that more often!

I'm going to get MY pics soon (from vacation), in about an hour. I hope they turn out nice!

No added weights, I haven't got any! I'm going to start jogging again too, I used to jog quite a lot (a few miles per day, four or five days a week). It is fun, I enjoy it when I do it.

Your routine is more balanced, girly :-), and tutored than my push-it and shove-it approach! But isn't that always the way between boys and girls :P

I hope your pics come out nice!

Jogging? What, you're trying to get MORE skinny? ;)

Balanced workouts: Yep, I like ~balance~. Used to be a little too muscular lower body (comparatively), but years ago I decided to even it out with a little more upper body work. :)

Pics: Yeah, they did!!!! :D All but two; one was a little fuzzy (but maybe I can fix it in Photoshop), and one's a little too dark... the one Mark took of me (of course). Maybe I can fix that one too; I dunno. So yes, be on the lookout! I've got some nice beach, hotel, iguanas, jaguar, butterflies, birds, sea turtles & Mayan ruins photos *coming soon to a theatre near you.* :)

oh deary me, please tell me that was a tartan mini skirt and not a kilt of any form..please!!!

Re: *pats fur down*

In either case I was wearing something underneath! :-)

It was Penny's miniskirt actually.

so? i like men in kilts, they always look so nice... and i have never investigated their under garments! :p

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