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Vexen Crabtree 2015


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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

(no subject)

My first physical went well! I'm not at all underweight as I suspected, the reason being that I'm also not as tall as I thought I was :-) This was just a preliminary physical to see if it's even worth going ahead with the others. And... I'm fitter than I thought, and actually hit perfectly in the middle of some of the required charts for health :-)

The tests are part of an long application procedure for some government security job :-) ... cool or what!!?! :-)

From the photo on the right, it looks like I'm applying to be an assassin :-) or something well dodgy! The photo is from the 2002 Sep 22 London Satanists' meet that I hosted. The shades aren't mine.

I just got up, I went to bed at 8pm because I'd been up all the night before.
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Okaaaaaaay, so.... just how tall are you, if you don't mind sharing? :)

Government security job? (I always get a little nervous when I hear that these days, but mostly 'cause I live in the U.S.!) Meaning, a government job with good job security? Then again, I suppose anything beyond that would be 'classified' and you wouldn't be able to tell anyone anyway. :)

I'm not surprised you're very fit, as much as you dance! ;)

Maybe you should make an icon out of that photo (minus the lettering, of course). =]

I'm getting off this computer now!! Been doing a lot of bookkeeping stuff, took some breaks, but my eyes are getting buggy... time to do something else. +^\ Got a movie to watch... too tired to do anything else tonight... "Brotherhood of the Wolf." Almost got "Signs" instead but decided to go for something more unusual. :^)

Later, Mr. Cool! :D

Five foot seven! Which is... 5*12 + 7, =67inches. In cm:

I am 2.54 X 67 cm tall (yikes, this is a hard sum!)

=134cm + (0.54 * 67)
=134cm + 33.5 + (0.04 * 67)

0.04 * 67 = 67/100 * 4
67 * 4 = 134 * 2 = 268

=167.5 + (268/100) = 167.5 + 2.68

So I'm 170cm tall!

Amazingly, I have *already* made an icon from that photo! We think alike :-)

Enjoy the film!

5'7" is a far cry from 5'11"! *L* I didn't know you were trying to convert using some complicated formula. ;) I knew about the 2.54 cm/inch... that makes me 165 cm tall; but weight, in stones?? I have no idea! (I sometimes wonder how many other--few--countries don't use the metric system besides the UK and the US.) But then again, at the weight you stated, you're probably not that much underweight after all, which is good.

I SEE you made an icon from that pic! :D

I actually haven't watched the film yet. I guess I should soon before I have to return it. (Or just copy it from DVD onto a blank tape and watch it later. ...ssshhhhhhhhhhhh. ;))

It was a very nice surprise, but I am exactly in the middle of the "desired weight" range, according to the standard BMI chart! Which means I couldn't be more spot-on with my weight!

I chose to use that icon in that response to show you it :-) Thanks for the good idea, even though I got there first :P

BMI stands for Body Mass Index. See this site for a calculator.

Years ago I had an electrical impedance-type body fat test (with a ±4 percent error margin); it showed 103 lb of lean body mass (!), which is body tissue other than fat and usually mostly muscle. With that result, my ideal weight was 132 lb (at 22% body fat, that is), even at 5'5", but that's still at a 22.0 BMI. You can take your LBM (lean body mass) weight--if you know it--and divide it by .78 to calculate your total weight at 22% fat. Or substitute that number with .85 for 15% body fat (better for men). :) It's more accurate than just using a BMI result, but also more hassle. And the fat percentages are also being argued as to what's actually a 'healthy' level: 20%? 25%? Yadda yadda yadda.

Okay, little miss Ex-Fitness Instructor will shut up now. :Þ

I like that icon! :)

hee hee *points* shorty!! well by roughly 1/2 inch!

Does this mean you're taller than me? In my imagination, you're ikkle! I suppose I've never met you when I haven't got big boots or Swear trainers on, both of which have 3-4" soles.

Kitties can't be taller than me! It's not allowed! Ia'Kat's shorter than me too :-), but about five foot! That's how small cats are :P

i tend to wear flats most of the time or flat-ish boots (1-2"). I am somewhere between 5'7" and 5' 8" - 170 something cm I just can never remeber the something, probaly 3cm more of somethiing minor.

but i knew you couldn't be 5' 11"!!

erm if cats are small explain Marcony!

Cat trickery! That's what it is!

Looks like you've been playing Deus Ex all year. Awesome. :)

I don't know that one!

Actually I've uninstalled Quake3 and Warcraft 3, I don't have any games at the moment!

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