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My first physical went well! I'm not at all underweight as I suspected, the reason being that I'm also not as tall as I thought I was :-) This was just a preliminary physical to see if it's even worth going ahead with the others. And... I'm fitter than I thought, and actually hit perfectly in the middle of some of the required charts for health :-)

The tests are part of an long application procedure for some government security job :-) ... cool or what!!?! :-)

From the photo on the right, it looks like I'm applying to be an assassin :-) or something well dodgy! The photo is from the 2002 Sep 22 London Satanists' meet that I hosted. The shades aren't mine.

I just got up, I went to bed at 8pm because I'd been up all the night before.
Tags: fitness, work
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