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Vexen Crabtree 2015


A friend thought I was going out with Penny... and if one person can think it, then others' can too!, so here follows rumour control! ("Rumour control" is the phrase used by the prison facility manager on Aliens 4): I am not going out with Penny, nor is such a thing on the cards. We're a bit close sometimes, we have known each other for four years!

Second related announcement; I am actually single. In my life I've had two long term relationships covering some four years, and at the moment I'm not actually looking for a relationship either, but partially that's because I'm not social enough.

I'm going to do a Slimelight write up, as this Sat night/Sun morning was more interesting than usual!

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i took oone of my friends around 6 months to realise i was no longer dating an ex...i think the fact that he moved into my flat during that time didn't help the rumours *sniggers*

A girl at Slimes complained that everyone thought her friend and her were dating but he's only her housemate... it's a common problem, but I can certainly see in your case having an ex actually move in is a bit too much for people to understand :-) if you're not going out anymore! So many people hate their xs! (Not "excess" but plural of "x"!!)

this was a good ex...i've lived with erm 3 ex's and coem to the conclusion it is generally a bad idea!!

That icon is good.

"Rumour control" is superintendant Andrews in Alien3, not 4 :)

Damn, yes it's Alien3. Stop paying attention already!

Interesting icon! I wouldn't have recognised it as you: it seems older, more filled-out (have you gained weight?—if so, it suits you), warmer, more engaged, more louche. I'm somehow reminded of the young Jacques Brel.

It's from before 2000 Dec, and is my passport photo. I think the photo itself is up to a year older ... but in either case, it's from when I was a student and at my least physically fit!

In an eyebrow war I could defeat Jacques with my eyes closed... but it it came to giving it the gob, he could win without saying a word!

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