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I had been up all Friday night, and was staying up all Saturday too. But in the morning, I noticed that Slimelight were doing a three floor special, including free entry for members before midnight. Which convinced me to go! So I got a few hours sleep during Saturday afternoon because I hadn't slept on Friday night and went out to see if I could catch some Camden shops before they closed. I bumped into felishumanus in Camden which is always nice and we went and sat in my favorite out-of-the-way-yet-central cafe and I got food. And a coffee. I've given up coffee for the month of February except on Slimelight days.

I arrived at 10pm and it opened a few minutes later. I knew that there would be some changes because there were 4 dance floors, and I know that they only have 3 actual floors. The bottom floor, sometimes called the Basement floor, which is sometimes rented out to other clubs on Saturday, was the trad goth floor and a dance floor. The trad goth section was inserted by the vending machine slightly around the corner from the bar.

I quickly realized that someone had left a car on the bottom dance floor, but more about that later. The next floor up was the industrial/ebm floor as normal and the top floor (not the *actual* top floor, which was the goth floor of 5 years ago which is now disused for fire safety reasons) was a trance & hard house floor. I'm not sure what the difference was between the top floor and the basement floor, but I very much preferred the music on the bottom floor.

Before the club opened I waited outside for a few minutes with the other newcomers. Some of them needed safety pins to repair a miniskirt that had fallen to pieces, but I told them I only had one, told them I needed it myself and showed them that it was presently holding up my shiny black space trousers. I felt more social than normal, probably because they infected me with their young happy bounciness and socialness. I said hi to a random goth. Big mistake. He kind of stared off into space. I thought maybe it was just going to take him a minute to realize I was talking to him. But no, the longer I looked at him, the more vacant he became until he eventually turned his head away. What a cunt. So I gave up and proceeded to stuff my coat into my bag and make sure all my phone was off, my money was in my pocket and my membership card was on it's specially built holster. Ah yes... both my pockets have holes in. I was resigned to losing coins through them but I knew notes couldn't go down. Because I was wearing my knee high New Rocks, the money couldn't escape, just make it's way down inside my boots. If things got extreme, I could remove my boot if I needed to retrieve it. But I didn't need to. After the Vacant Goth Of Doom managed to single handedly counter the Perky Goths' social aura, I suspected it wasn't going to be a social night after all!

I sat on the EBM floor waiting for things to heat up and enjoying alcopops, and wisely buying them all during the "two for the price of one" hour between 10 and 11pm named as gloomy hour by the humorous Slimelight management. I watched all the PVC skirts, corsets, wild hair and big boots walk in and wonder around.

Randomly I happened to sit next to snow_leopard (Catt) and thought I recognized her. I don't think we've met in real life before, but after x many years you get to recognize many people... even if they're not Slimelighters. I wasn't sure if it was her. At some point she mentioned to her friend something about ears and tails and that confirmed it was her :-) She asked me if I was Vexen, and then we sat for a few hours. It's always nice meeting people who you think are nice but haven't met in person, and they turn out to actually be nice! At some point I excused myself to go and dance.

I quickly found that the bottom dance floor, the one with the car in it, was by a long way my favorite dance floor. I tried to dance on the top floor but found it boring, and, for the first time ever in the history of Vexen, also didn't feel like dancing to the industrial drama and ebm smoothness on the middle floor. So I danced to dark techno, or whatever that floor was about. There were two notable features in this floor. The first was the car, which you are no doubt wandering about, and the second were the platforms.

The car was a hoodless thing covered in pink, yellow and green fuzzy material with bright large orange wheel hubs. It had two seats in the front and a large exposed boot. People danced on it's bonnet in ones and twos. People danced in it's boot, up to four people. People sat in the front of the car and rested and/or made out. Behind the car was a long slightly raised platform where I started dancing. One wall had a series of tables that were higher than the car, so I jumped up and danced on those. For about five hours.

Something was in the air in that room, it was just very sweet. And, I do not know why, but several of my favorite dancers all chose this room as their favorite too. A slow series of women rode the metal bar that separated the boot of the car from the chairs. Lots of people were having fun!

I didn't really realize until last year that I've been going to Slimelight for six years, since 1997. I knew I recognized all the regulars, but I've been slow to realize they all probably recognize me too! It's strange. Because I've moved around I've never had any particular friend for more than a few years, but I realized that some of these Slimelight regulars will have actually seen me in person more than anyone else except my family! Which is strange, and probably even stranger if they actually knew that, too!

I feel like apologizing to the regulars and other's if I appear to ignore them, aside from occasional waves, smiles, etc, it's just that I go to Slimelight mainly to dance (kind of like aerobics, but to much better music :-) and with much sexier instructors!). The main problem stopping me socializing in Slimelight is that I don't know who is/isn't on whatever drugs, and I socialize more harmoniously with people who aren't.

Penny and her boyfriend had arrived and we met briefly, they were hanging out in general on different floors to me so I didn't see them much. Penny left early, then Catt did too. I didn't see Simon for the rest of the night either, I've grown to like him, he never fails to say hi and hug :-)

I noticed (as always) a smattering of upturned pentacles, no-one that I recognized though, but I lost mine a month ago and haven't got a new one yet, so I haven't had any enquiries from Slimelighters about Satanism, nor did the others who I spotted (but do not know) recognize me.

Sat on the raised tables on the top floor, some uber-bouncy cute guy sprang next to me. He was cybergoth, sexy, big smooth blond hair with blue bits in, and introduced himself as Sunshine. If it was anyone else, this nick would have been silly and annoying, but it suited him fine! :-), he was a bit affectionate, but it seemed like he was on e, and I'm not interested in guys, but if I *was* I'd have fallen in lust with him relatively quickly :-)

I bought coffee and chocolate and rested, because all my muscles ached and I was sweating after lots of dancing. I rested for an hour from 4-5 or something. Some cute young goth sat on a table close to me and we talked. She seemed about 16 but insisted she was older. (In either case, I prefer women who are older than me, or at least more mature). I asked her what she was on (it was obvious she was on something, which is partially why I felt she was young), and she said e and acid. I thought she was stupid for taking acid, especially in a club. I hadn't seen her before. I told her to make sure she drunk lots of water but she said the alcopop she was drinking was good enough. So I told her off! and told her the sugar will dehydrate her and she should definitely drink more water. I had offered her mine as soon as she had sat down actually. On e or speed, you have to take excess water. It makes sure that a few things that can go wrong don't, and it reduces the severity of the comedown. Anyway, eventually she took her top off and went away to the upstairs dance floor to dance in her bra.

The bottom floor closed first, unfortunately, at about 6:30am or something, so I went to the EBM/industrial floor, which wasn't really doing anything for me! I browsed the trad goth floor earlier, too. But it was *far* to cramped, with only enough room for a few people to dance, and every time the door opened to the bottom dance floor the musics interfered with each other too much. (Imagine trad goth punctuated with loud hard trance several times per minute!). They should have moved the vending machine to besides the bar to get space for two/three more people.

I danced to a few 80s tracks during the 80s/punk/ska/goth half hour (that is normally on late morning time). The cages were in constant use, and it seemed to have a nice aura (the entire night was electric for some reason) but I didn't stay there long. At the back of the large seating area I met a few of the Sluts (a goth mailing list), including Sheridan, and was tempted to go to one of the post-Slimes parties but decided not to (because unless I'm invited by someone who actually lives in the house where the party is at, I'm always reluctant to go!). I left at 7:15am, and sat outside for fifteen minutes talking to mr.mime (Dan) and his friend and talked about music and headphones.

I got home by bus because I felt like doing some peoplewatching normal people for a while, and so I could sit and read a book too. Got home about 9am, and slept during most of Sunday evening, and have been up since. My current plan, get this entry onto LiveJournal, link it from my Slimelight page and post URL to Slimelight mailing list and Slimelight LJ community. Plan.

Random advise: With any entry that you know will be long, write it in Word or Outlook so that it always auto-saves. That way, you can never lose the entry if something goes wrong when posting it to LiveJournal. With short entries it doesn't matter.
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