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Religion in Britain

The Office for National Statistics (UK) has produced some detailed demographics pertaining to the major religions from data taken from the 2001-April National Census.

I have updated my Religion In Britain page with multiple and lengthy quotes and information from these newly released statistics.

390,000 Jedi Knights There Are
Particularly entertaining was the report of the above name. 0.7 percent of the British population put Jedi Knight as their religion, following an online campaign by fans of Star Wars and others. I am not sure if I should be proud of the sacrilegious humour of our nation, or ashamed of the pure geekiness of this strange phenomenon. Contrary to the belief promoted by an urban myth before the census, no amount of vots for this stated religion makes it an official or recognized religion in any way.

Related essays: (Religion In Britain) (There are less Christians than there appear to be)

I have began the process of filing to commission a report of the number of Satanists in the UK, broken down by Region (Southeast, Northweest, etc) and Age, but this will be a very slow process.

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Don't scare me like that, Vexen! I was just looking at the Census website before I saw this entry! =^O.O^=


This is because the statistics were released just yesterday (Thursday) and they've been on the news and talked about. I bet the Jedis have stimulated most peoples' interest!

By the way I've been meaning to say for some time that I love your DemonHunter graphic!

So I've used my "Look what I have become" graphic to match it for this reply!

*grin!* Yes, the Demon Hunter animated Gif did take some working on! You may even notice by carefully watching it that I even had to remove the odd frame to shave off some memory, so that LJ would actually allow me to upload it. And I had noticed after I'd uploaded it that you have the ULTIMATE FORM UBER-DEMON version of the Demon Hunter!

"Demon blood is thicker than..... regular... blood..."

I just linked to the website from the BBC News homepage, although I'd heard about the Jedi thing quite a while before the results were released. Sadly, the scheme didn't make much impact on the area of Havering, where apparently over 170,000 Christians dwell.
Mind you, I've never needed government statistics to give me a rundown of the Havering mentality - I've lived there, and I know well enough not to go back too often :-P

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