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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Blade three dream...

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(I'm fairly sure Blade 2 has came out, so I'm calling this Blade 3)

I wasn't in this dream, I was an absent observer, just seeing things, it was like watching a film. No emotions in it, no urgency or fear. Just vague interest. Likewise, it was non-lucid, and I had no control over which direction the dream was going but I did occasionally have thoughts during it.

Presently, Blade (the character from the film, yes) is putting on his black padded outfit to go on a mission. He walks off, on the way he nearly bumps into a semi drunk tramp, but moves out the way at the last moment. After he disappears, spookily, another Blade returns in a car and gets out. This one is... a fake Blade. In the dream I thought "oh dear, what a chessy plotline this is". He returns to the base, the tramp sees him walk past again and gets confused.

OK. Blade isn't in the rest of the dream, but the 'base' is. I see that somone has turned into a zombie, and they're holding a pick, or some weapon. I am seeing it mostly from the zombies point of view. But then someone shoots them.

Then, I see that there are multiple zombies. Many of the populace of the base have been poisoned over time, and today they've all turned into evil zombies who are trying to kill everyone else. Two gunmen are fighting them and shooting them. But, then a different gunman is on the zombies side. He is ducking behind a desk and shooting at them. One of the good guys jumps on to the desk and fires at the guy at point blank range.

Then, I see (from the point of view of one of the zombies) half a dozen zombies holding knives, walking towards a scared pair of scientists who are clinging on to each other. They can't escape.

Then I see a good scientist trying to figure out what is happening. He concludes that the zombie scientists had all been putting on weight recently, as a result of poisoned blood. This means that even before turning into zombies, these scientists had secretly been drinking blood from the blood stores.

OK, that's it.

Well actually it's not. The next part of the dream did have me in it. I was looking over some huge London Underground map, trying to plan which route we should take to escape. I done this for quite some time and it really is far too boring to possibly write about.

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I had a strange dream last night. My pearants had moved in to a new house and My siter her boyfreind and I had moved in too. I was wondering round the house exsploring when I found a room off the bathroom with a synthersyser in it. Physicaly it was a combination of a full keyboard and an electric drumkit (That you could hit with your hands insted of sticks) It was really cool and I assumed it was my sister'ss boyfriend's. The voices on it were really good but he'd programed some of the keys to do things other than just play the note in the current voice like start a preset drum track or changing the voice or going Kerpling. Even so I really want one.

Later on it turned out that the sofa in the room was being used as a bed by yellowrat only this was a yellowrat before he dithched the beard (And he dose look so much better without it) also his leg hair was so long it was hanging out under his trousours.
Very desturbing.


oh god! i think i need psychological help. for about 7 years i have had zombie nightmares. at first it started that they would come after me and i couldnt defend myself. after a while i had a friend helping me defend myself. then it became a group defending each other. and now it is just me again but now able to defend myself. and they dont always come near me but i head thier moans and know that they are near so i run and hide. always alert and never feeling safe. any type of situation you can think of i have probably dreamt it. i dont know what triggers it but the longest i have gone without a zombie nightmare is about two months then they start all over again right where i left off. i can even remember a dream within a dream and know how to react to the similar situation. last night i had my latest zombie nigtmare and for the fisrt time in 7 years i realized i was in a dream but i couldnt wake up. and i hit myself with a knive on my hand in the dream almost severing off as zombies came after me and i still could not wake up. i ended up screaming dowm the street THIS IS A DREAM FOR THE LOVE IF GOD WAKE UP!!! in the dream i was finally able to get up a house and i was climbing to the roof when i was finally able to wake up. what is so wrong with me. does this happen to anyone else? PLEASE HELP ME!

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