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5 new magazines

Rule Satannia, the voice of Satanism in the UK was released in January. Ya, it's got me in it :-) The Church of Satan website describes it as "This debut issue, edited by Helnock and Donna Black, features an interview with “Irreverend” Gavin Baddeley, seasonal essays for the Solstice, publication and music reviews, and much more, all from authors residing in Great Britain. Click on the cover to visit their site for further information."

Recently the Church of Satan News page also announces the publication of Filthy Habits #2 by Stigmata Press, "luscious bits of hardcore and sexploitation fare from the 1960s and 1970s". Also released is Trident issue number 8 published by the Legion Of Loki Church of Satan grotto (USA). Also released is The Devil's Reign by the Canadian Nocturnal Reflections grotto. Also, issue one of Skrattle magazine is out, published by the editor of the now discontinued Black Star Chronicles. Click on the Church of Satan News for links to all of these.
Tags: church of satan, donna black, gavin baddeley, helnock, rule satannia, satanism, stigmata press, uk
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