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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Sunshine & Sluts

Over the last week, the Sun (not the "newspaper" called The Sun, but the Star (not the "newspaper" called The Star, but rather the object at the center of our solar system once described as a Mass of Incandescent Gas, a Gigantic Nuclear Furnace (in the words of They Might Be Giants))) has been showing it's face... I wouldn't say we've had "sunshine" as such, but the sun has been visible.

(I recommend you reread the first paragraph but ignore the parentheses. Anyone who needs to open parentheses on a first sentence should probably give up straight away. Not that I will (because I can program in LISP, which is big on paranthesis.))

And today... this is truly amazing (and please note, this is England, not Hawaii or even Spain), the rays of the sun coming through the window have been warming things up.


At first I thought our central heating was malfunctioning.

In other news... the Sluts meet yesterday was great, lots of people, I recognized most names even though I haven't met everyone before. Was good to see you all :-)

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I can sleep in the light, when required. My normal answer is that I prefer the light to be artificial and less random than the suns light. I also like the idea of being inside a large building, a long way from "outside", or underground, so try to emulate that in my environment.

But as I do sleep lots during the day, I might actually cover the windows (also) to aid sleep.

I don't know if car windows would offer as much protection as house windows. Especially double-glazed windows, etc. I bet... anyone who makes or sells chemicals involved in sunscream will say "yes, you can get sunburn even through 1 foot solid steel!", and window manufacturers will say "Actually our windows offer good protection"...

Sunscream? *L* "Help me! I've been in the sun too long, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" :Þ

I see what you're saying. I agree, any manufacturer is going to doctor the highlights in order to sell the product.

Oh well. I usually wear suncreen, but just not all OVER (usually face, neck & hands)... unless I'll be out on the water (i.e., in less clothing) or vacationing where it's sunnier and/or closer to the equator. Or in New Zealand--where you can get sunburnt very easily! :)

Wow, you and I have made a discovery... all the best ones are done by accident... all goths suffer from sunscream!

I don't recall ever wearing sunscreen actually.

But yeah, wear sunscreen, toasted aspen_fox is bound to be unpretty!

Yeah! *L*

Well, you don't live in a country where the sun shines, do you? :Þ
(just kidding!)

I do wear sunscreen. ...Don't wanna turn into a crispy critter. ;)

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