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Music/Sports, and Human!

Random discussions... when watching Rubby briefly with housemate Jamie, I said:

"If sports were music, football would be pop, and rugby would be metal!"

He asked what Classical would be and said would it be "that sport with horses where they dress up", the name of said sport escapes me. Po?... Po... pogo? Polio? Anyway, I said classical is complex, intellectual... so he agreed it would be Chess. We then couldn't think of anything for basketball, so gave up.

Then on IRC (I've been doing IRC more since moving to London, 'cos lots of London people in #uk_goffs channel) we talked about restaurants and cooked squirrel (eeek!!) but I did admit that I'd try it, if I had the option... also, I realized I probably have emphasized the point that I'd jump at the chance of eating Human, and that actually it's one of my life-dreams, to try it at least once. It's an exciting and intriguing thing to try, for me :-)
Tags: #uk_goffs, animal food, classical music, footpall, human meat, irc, metal music, polo, pop music, rugby, squirrel meat
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