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Vexen Crabtree 2015

"The Jesus Mysteries" by Freke & Gandy

"The Jesus Mysteries" by Freke & Gandy, book review

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I would leave my e-mail (, except I am not a member of LiveJournal. My thoughts are simple. Philo did not believe Jesus was whom He claimed to be. Jesus, in the 4 Gospels, claimed to be deity. Philo retained his Jewish heritage. He would never accept this. But Philo did what many still do; they try to find some historical precedent for Christ and Christianity in prior Greek philosophy.

That is still going on today; but I reject that concept completely. The writers of the New Testament and the Gospels did not see themselves as following some Greek philosophy. Not at all. Rather, as is borne out in the Book of Acts, these men saw themselves as starting something brand new. The claims of Jesus Christ were based upon the Old Testament, which Philo largely overlooked. The Word is seen throughout the Old Testament. Christianity was, and still is, a radical departure from human philosophy.

Don Hewitt

Historical Jesus

Historical Jesus:


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