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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Islam and the West: Pluralism, Immigration and Danger


what I think of the islam

I think islam is THE stupitest belief. they hold on to al book that is written a few thousend years ago, an belief, no matter how much the world has changed, those belief should still be followed.
The are so focused on worshipping "alla", they forget to fit in to the rest of the world. even if the flee, to other country's, they still are fundamentelist moslims. The worst thing about them, is that they are so firm in their beliefs, they CANT listen to other people. what they belief is true, even if they ARE wrong.


srry, for the wrong usage of enlish( if their is any) but I live in holland, where they speak dutch.

Re: what I think of the islam

oh wow..your comment is so impressive. Ya know, I never thought someone could be so lame and replied like that msg..that's the most hillarious msg I've ever read, seriously. Seriously, it shows that the person who typed that msg is an illitrate, you never read or know anything about islamic don't cha ? It's you who should be banished from this world, or else, you could always dig your own grave...How could you judge all those muslims by someone else's retarded action? You don't even know these ppl..you can't judge that they are all the same. Seriously..go and learn some religious practises before you keep on bashing about other ppl.

you are all wrong!!!

ok, im not satanic, i am not islamic either,
but i know a whole lot more than you could ever know about islam and christianity....

islam and christianity are the same, but too bad that ppl dont realise that, and i think that we all know who's fault is it, of course if one knows about the history of religions one would know, be it satan or the catholic church, same shit,

but all of you are wrong about islam,

follow the real islam, not the one bin laden does, and the world is way much better than one can possible imagine,

peace, to everyone that reads this mesage,
to christians, ilslamists, satanists, budhists, and all that i dont know about,

peace, world peace, thats what we need!!!

Re: you are all wrong!!!

i absolutely 100% agree with you. eventhough youre not islam but you have knowledge, not like all those stupid idiot moron, son of a b***h. a person must know what is islam then they could comment about islam. dont just simply give the comment, it would make them look like a stupid moron. im an islam and i dont go around and comment other religion without understanding them.

Re: you are all wrong!!! (Anonymous) Expand


prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) is the prophet of all mankind, and not just to a certain group. He is the final prophet in the line of the holy prophets sent by ALLAH(GOD), and islam is not apart from the other monotheistic religions, but a finality. before any of you misguided people say anything about the holy Prophet(peace be upon him) it is better you read an account of his life. that way you will know what to think and what to say. your ignorance of the holy prophet(peace be upon him)is your loss, and not wanting to know about him would only mean stupidity. and you guys consider stupidity a cardinal sin, dont you?


the members of the church of satan entertain the idea that they are themselves gods. traditional satanists worship the entity, or the spirit of satan. clearly, satanists have a very jaded concept of worship. their object of worship itself is faulty i.e. something not worth worshipping as it does not have its independent existence. self deifiying satanists fail to see that they have no seperate existence. and that they themselves are subject to countless phenomena which themselves are unexplicable i.e. death, aging, imperfection. etc. so is the self worth worshipping? when the self itself is at the disposal of ALLAH?
the satan worshippers, too, fool themselves by trhinking that by worshipping satan, they get worldly desires fulfilled. and that itself has no uniqueness.these are all from ALLAH(GOD).
muslims worship HIM WHO IS and besides WHOM nothing else is. ALLAH is HE who neither includes nor excludes HIS creations. ALLAH cannot be perceived but HE perceives all. ALLAH is unique. any reasonable man can see the significance in worshipping ALLAH.
may HE enlighten us all.

islam: clearing the mist

for those of you tired of christianity, i would request you all to check out the other religions, the big religions before making a plunge for hedonism and simple philosophy or cults of any sort. remember, its all about GOD. really cross examine yourselves and you will see that you all yearn for THE ABSOLUTE, THE TRUTH, THE ONLY, THE ONE. and THAT is GOD(ALLAH). please visit the site www.answering-christianity.com.

every muslim and non muslim siblings of mine, remember, GOD wants you to think and take your time at that. as ALLAH put it quite simply in the quran, that man can accept HIM only through and by themselves; only by their decisions. put simply, ALLAH is known through reason.

I feel that You are very wrong about Islam. You know that other religions are false due to the fact that the holy books have been changed to please people at the time they were living in.

Islam is a religion that gives you obedience, calmness and makes the world a better place to live in.

ur info is incorrect...jinns were not and are not angels....and not all jinns are evil...but most jinns are....the Qur'an is a Revelation from Allah ( Allah in arabic means God)....Shaytan at one point was very righteous.....and he was among the angels..... until he went against Allah and therefore astray ..... Muhammad pbuh first of all did not write the Qur'an..Again the Qur'an ( the Last Revelations of God) came from God.... How do I know it was Allah who divinely revealed the Qur'an and not Muhammad?... check this out http://www.it-is-truth.org/Index.shtml .....

listen to this

islam means PEACE not submission . this chat room or whatever it is is blatantly promoting lies . i believe that my believing in satan you indirectly are believing in god .. whether it is christian one .. or allah ...
to pursue hedonism and selfgratification some lost soul of this world have turned to criticising islam or christianity(though so much of the christian faith has been destroyed).you are truly pitiful.

hey, you should really look up your info, man. There is good reason for all Islamic belifs. Islam is the only religion that hasn't changed and is not misproven.. look at the science then talk trash.


Ha Ha i can't wait till you burn in hell you sick bastard. How can you think living a life of devil worship and homosexuality is the purpose your here, go do what you like but leave your opinions to your self. FUCKER

"Leave your opinions to yourself" ... probably the only sensible thing you said, but to the wrong person!


All praise due to Allah. I find that the article written about Islam to be all wrong. And Yes, I am a Muslim and not afriad to mention it. It is not a stupid religion at all. In fact I find that this is the best religion of all. Esp. for the women. I would love to cover up soon, inshallah. It is a very unique religion in a backwards society.

Islam Is Good

I wish from every body heared about Islam to read more and deeply about this great religion.
But be careful from choosing the wrong books. Try to read the right and famous one and to understand it very well..



Dear Friends
I red the old bible.. and I red the new Bible too.. but the Qura’an is deferent.. Believe me.. it is totally deferent..
It’s talking about peace, love, old great stories about other life was on the past and other lot lot of beautiful things..
I know that the old and new Bible talks about this things also.. but Qura’an is Comprehensive.. No one in all over the world can write a book like Qura’an.. coz no body can talk like Allah (God)..
When I start reading Qura’an, I feel so comfortable, peace, happiness.. some times I cry from the mercy which I feel it from Allah..
Islam and Qura’an is not only for the past life.. No No No..
It’s for every time, Every where and every body not only Arab People..
Try to read it and understand it carefully..
When you’ll read it .. you’ll believe that it’s from Allah (God)..
Trust me

Peace and Mercy of Allah upon every body (Islamic Greeting)

I fuked ur mum u bastard

many information posted about islam in this website are incorrect and very inaccurate. Islam wasn't founded by Muhammad(PBUH), he is the messenger of God. Islam is from God not prophet Muhammad(PBUH). and the quraan is not organized from the biggest to the smallest chapters. and about the Jinn part, the Jinn are Genies in english, not darkness. and when Satan didn't obey God, He cursed Satan, but none of the angels went to Satan's side, so the Jinn are not angels, they are Satan's offspring.
Please when you post any information about anything check your sources.