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Club with no name @ gossips

Went to a one off event at Gossips last night, which some have called Club Impromptu because it was only decided on on Tuesday, therefore no promotion... so was quiet. Which was cool, 'cos I got whirl around the dancefloor on my own, or with a maximum of 3 others from time to time. I spent some extra time in the intelligent company of Rataxis and DJ Psyche, which is something I should do more often. It closed early, 2:30 or so, and I wondered around London for a bit before coming home.

I am presently being made happy and snuggly by a lovely large plushie cat... I've promised to look after him, and I'm told that he's promised to look after me too :-)

Sluts meet was good, didn't talk to many people except a few stars. Including Ia'Kat! Yay! Hopefully I'll see him more at some point over the next few days, whilst he's down.

I'm working on rather quite a lot of exciting projects at the moment... music, web pages and social stuff. But I have to go so sleep soon because I'm going to be up most of tomorrow night too!
Tags: clubbing, dancing, dj psyche, gossips, iakat, london, rataxis, sluts, sluts meet, soho
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