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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Party squirrel

OK I'm back as of a few hours ago...

Here are the last 5 days in brief:

Thurs: (wrote it up already on my journal): Sluts meet was great, good people. Went clubbing. Fantastic fun, nice quiet night @ Gossips. Slept a few hours at home before heading out on Fri.

Fri night: Coffee meet, great people turned up, it was nice. Then went to Tenebrae at Gossips, loved the night and the company. Thanks everyone :-) and thanks to Eszter for keeping me company towards the end of the night too, it was cool you introduced yourself, I recognized you from Slimes. 2 guests stayed over at my house afterwards, in my bed, I stayed up.

Sat: After seeing guests off, I got some hours sleep, then got up to go to Slimes. I'd told a few people I'd be there, including a few who rarely go, so despite being tired I went. I had an excellent night, met some people (was more sociable than normal). Danced an insane amount, and managed to soak all of my clothes and self in sweat, wiping sweat off my forehead (for example) didn't work, because my hands were as wet as my face. Met the enthralling Empale, a very nice woman with my favorite hair! Saw DJ Psyche wandering around.

Sun & Mon: Afterwards I went to friends house (luckily I had some fresh clothes on me - I'm in the habit of taking a change of clothes when I go to Slimes), he's been asking me to visit for ages, and Ia'Kat was going there after Slimes too, so it seemed like a perfect chance to go. And it was... haven't seen orinotta (apart from in meets in pubs) for ages, was nice. Also, a very nice surprise was that Footpad was there! Which always makes for happiness :-) Warm thoughts to Shruiken too, she made sure I wasn't affection deprived whenever I wasn't being honored by the presence of Ia'Kat, Footpad, Orin, etc.

I'm glowing a bit from all the affection and nice people over the last 5 days or so actually!

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i've siad it before, i sayit again..TART! ;)

And you say it nicer than anyone else, so I don't mind :-)

Actually Pretty Paws lent me her secret book of How To Tart, that little kitty is a true master!

she is colapsed on her perch at worked tiad from all her weekends tarting :))

you coming out to IRC?

(Deleted comment)

Continuing his life... is ok.

(Deleted comment)
Hey! LJ certainly is popular!

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