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Good friends

Was in London on Wednesday and sat around Camden reading a book, a copy of Eliphas Levi's "History of Transcendental Magic", which I am enthusiastically reading through. I disagree with many of the basic premises' of Levi's views but I knew this already, what I didn't know was just how Quaballah-centric this text was. Which is illuminating in terms of understanding the history of various things, but bad in terms of expanding any useful knowledge I have. I sat in my fave cafe and there was a friendly member of staff there I hadn't seen before.

I met up with my wonderful sister who cooked for me. I poked her computer a bit and made some bits and bobs work, but couldn't fix Word. (Reinstalling doesn't work even). We went for a walk... reminiscing over that childhood we never had :-)

Then met up with orinotta in the Dev. He's great, but I was secretly checking up that he's doing well despite a loss. As one of my longest term friends I also needed to talk to him about some emotion related relationship stuff to do with someone who I care for a lot (which has worked out, but just wanted to talk to someone!). So a big thanks to Orin for putting up with my wibbles! And Orin... YOU KNOW WHAT SHELLY AND I WANT YOU TO DO! Do it, dude! And thanks for putting me up on Wed night!

A big thanks and hug to shuripentu and Eemeli for keeping me company and snuggles during Thursday, and for great open minded conversation :-)

Made it to the goth social in central London, which was great, despite feeling a bit tired and out of my depth in the conversation.
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