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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Good friends

Was in London on Wednesday and sat around Camden reading a book, a copy of Eliphas Levi's "History of Transcendental Magic", which I am enthusiastically reading through. I disagree with many of the basic premises' of Levi's views but I knew this already, what I didn't know was just how Quaballah-centric this text was. Which is illuminating in terms of understanding the history of various things, but bad in terms of expanding any useful knowledge I have. I sat in my fave cafe and there was a friendly member of staff there I hadn't seen before.

I met up with my wonderful sister who cooked for me. I poked her computer a bit and made some bits and bobs work, but couldn't fix Word. (Reinstalling doesn't work even). We went for a walk... reminiscing over that childhood we never had :-)

Then met up with orinotta in the Dev. He's great, but I was secretly checking up that he's doing well despite a loss. As one of my longest term friends I also needed to talk to him about some emotion related relationship stuff to do with someone who I care for a lot (which has worked out, but just wanted to talk to someone!). So a big thanks to Orin for putting up with my wibbles! And Orin... YOU KNOW WHAT SHELLY AND I WANT YOU TO DO! Do it, dude! And thanks for putting me up on Wed night!

A big thanks and hug to shuripentu and Eemeli for keeping me company and snuggles during Thursday, and for great open minded conversation :-)

Made it to the goth social in central London, which was great, despite feeling a bit tired and out of my depth in the conversation.

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felishumanus is your sister??

Anyway... d'ya ever have those days when you feel like nobody's talking to you? :\ Sometimes I wonder why I wanted an LJ account. Oh well. Guess I'll just spout junk and not care if anyone replies, heh heh. "Hellooooooooooo!" ::knockknock:: "Anybody out there ever actually READ their friends' entries?????????????" *L*

Nevermind. I'm just pouting. It's raining and I don't feel good and... now I'm boring everyone (more than before!). Arrrgggghh.

Glad you're having a good week! :)

She is, now.

Sometimes with some people (I feel this towards you and Felis at the moment) I find I'm tempted to reply to every post they make... but, in both cases I actively tell myself *not* to unless I do honestly have something useful to say! 'cos otherwise your friends end up thinking "Who is this Vexen guy..." and get confused!

I don't think you're boring anyone!

Hey, why don't you let ME worry about what anyone else might *think* about comments in my journal! ;) If they get confused for some reason (and state it), I'll set them straight... or you can. Anyway, I don't expect anyone to comment to everything I post! *L* And quite honestly, sometimes an endless barrage of "yeah" replies gets a little tiring. :) I certainly don't reply to everything I read in friends' journals; I'd have carpal tunnel in a week if I did that, even if I did have the time!

So thank you, but don't worry about those things. :) And... nice to know I might not be boring too many people, heh heh.

OK, I'll trust you to email me and poke me if people begin to think I'm stalking you or anything.

I am entirely sure half my posts bore people... sometimes people just don't care about the random personal stuff or light hearted chit chat -- they just want internet activism! But then, other people just want me, and really don't care for silly philosophical, religious or pretentious posts! I'm amazed sometimes that even some of my best friends keep me on their list if I post several overly religious posts in a row!

1st part: Okay, that's better. :) I don't know why anyone would think you were stalking me! I can post a journal entry about my friends list, and make it clear that I added you first. ;)

2nd part: I like the random, personal stuff! Even if I don't always reply to it. Your 'overly religious posts' probably don't bug people nearly as much as you might think (would be my guess) -- esp. if they are good friends of yours! I don't expect anyone's journal to be exciting/illuminating & such 100% of the time; I just don't think that's possible. And if they are, I'd be a little suspicious anyway. (Nobody or their life can be that fecking wonderful, IMO!) But that's just me. :)

*snuzzles the wiggy* Thanks for coming over and talking to me, and listening to me ramble :) *purrs at you* You're luvverly :D

*reciprocates all you said*

*snuzzles, Wiggy-purrs and adds a *tailhug**

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