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London Satanist meet

I didn't announce or advertise this meet, but as it was the third Saturday, I thought I'd see who would remember and who would turn up! I didn't expect anybody at all, so took a good book. (Well, that's a euphemism, I'm currently reading a bad one). I was dressed down in a Sepultura hoodie and Vexen baseball cap (all black, don't get me wrong!).

In reality, my expectations were pleaseantly dashed by a pair of Satanists, male and female (Chris and Stacey respectively), who were both intelligent, proud, living-life people, and then by my wonderful sister too. I was the youngest... despite my endless expectations that the London Satanists' are teenagers or rebellious youths, I am always left feeling that I'm the young one, and I've been a Satanist for some eight years now! Those who I've met nearly always have areas of experience and knowledge that are impressive. I find myself learning from all of them. Stacey and Chris were nicely sceptical, inquisitive people. For some reason Satanism (in the UK at least) attracts the more strong, intelligent and fun types of person.
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