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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Nelson Mandela and his tank

I had a dream!

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So, the world had been ravaged by war, but then had recovered, albeit, only a small but very advanced city was left over. One day I realized that the frozen pool of water in the town center contains some old survivors of the war, living in the ice, hiding. So, I take a shovel and dig a tunnel into the side of the block of ice.

Startlingly, a toy fire engine inside the ice activates and jumps out at me, landing on the floor and robotically driving away until it's wind-up mechanism ran out of stored energy. I kept digging. A large crocodile tried to snap my hand, next, and the ten foot animal wriggled out of the ice and tried to eat me. I hit it's nose and pushed it's head to the ground until it stopped wriggling, then stood behind it, released it and climbed on to a nearby wall until it had gone away.

Then, I climbed into the ice. I found myself in a large warehouse. Facing me, a distance away, was a tank. It came to life, and I exited. I went in again, but this time, the tank wasn't there. However, Nelson Mandela was. And he was armed. I ran to the side into a maze of boxes and Mandela kept trying to shoot me with his high tech missile launcher. Then, the tank came back. I was trapped, but they couldn't find me because they couldn't enter into the maze (it had two entrances) without running the risk of me getting away. I realized I could smash through some of the walls, so I done so. I found some weapons and returned and fired at the tank, and kept ducking back into cover when it turned to face me, then coming out in a different place.

Read online and comment here

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Heh heh... you sure have strange dreams! ;) I can certainly relate! ;)

...Which is why I included the word 'imaginative' in my brief *description* of you per latest entry (describing all my current LJ buddies)! Is it 'acceptable' to you or should I change anything [on yours]? :) Oh, and actually I don't expect any responses of gratitude or justification. Maybe I should remove the comments option on that one, otherwise people might get the wrong idea, hmmmm.

Hey I love my description! Sounds like you know some really great people... or, did you just write up the ones where you could say positive things! :-)

There's nothing wrong with compliments, they'll remember them, so much more productive than public insults!

Oh, good! :D Actually, that's everyone on my friends list. I'm very slow (picky?) in adding LJ friends.

Public insults?? Why would I do that? "Oh yeah, here's so-and-so. They never frickin' say anything in my journal and theirs stinks like manure... but THEY'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST." ?! Gawd! *L* Luckily, I don't think there's anyone I could say that about (so far), so maybe being picky pays off, eh? ;)

(Deleted comment)
I see. Actually, there were three people I dropped off my list because either they never commented in my journal (and theirs wasn't worth reading), or one of them only did so once and it was really snotty (and uncalled for), or their journal was too politically irritating or incredibly narcissistic (or both!).

I wouldn't have any problem openly criticizing someone if they REALLY got irritating, but so far I haven't bothered. :)

on a date?

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I realized I could smash through some of the walls, so I done so. I found some weapons

Wow your dreams have power ups

Yeah I've had powerups in dreams before... in this instance though it was more like boxes with weapons in, hidden inside the walls. So, more like secrets than powerups.

One of my first dreams I wrote up had an "exit" sign from Doom 2 in it, and when I reached it, I woke up. Erm... http://www.vexen.co.uk/d/one.html

Write me your dreams too, I love them :-)

I've had some very, erm... interesting... sci-fi and La Femme Nikita-like dreams this past year or so. A couple of times they were complete stories that took unexpected turns! One was like a combination of an old Twilight Zone episode and Forbidden Planet, and had to do with alien invasion. It felt very forboding and yet it was in black and white (as opposed to the ones that appear to be in color). I swear sometimes I can even remember hearing creepy or alternative music in the background. Occasionally, I wake up wanting to dub myself Rod Serling II. *L*

Foreboding dreams are yummy :-) They can play off your imagination for a long time!

I wonder what rules govern how we see colors in dreams? You know, colors in dreams are false memories, just expectation, meaning dreams are actually all black and white, and we just dump color on them as we feel is appropriate in retrospect, upon waking. Or something. I had a load of cognitive psychology books once, at college, they contained all sorts of arcane knowledge!

Foreboding dreams: yes, they can! I still remember the one I had as a teenager. An apocalyptic dream with what truly sounded like a sonic boom. Red, misty skies, human carnage, destruction all around, unexpected silence, and I the sole survivor. ::shudder:: It was CREEPY.

Color: Yes, I've heard that too, which is why I wrote 'seem to be in color.' I don't think we totally understand the dreaming phenomenon just yet. :)

In my case memorable dreams are genraly the result of lie ins. I don't allow myself major lie ins much these days as it can be a bitch to get my body clock back to where it needs to be for visiting my folks and helping my dad with his round.

Oh, my epic dreams are normally when I wake up in the middle of the night... if I think it's worth it, frequently I'll get up straight away and write it down. I bet some of mine are lie-in dreams too.

This has nothing to do with your entry here, but look at this:

I thought it might interest you. :) (she's newly added to my friends list) I'm going to read it, too!

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