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Nelson Mandela and his tank

I had a dream!

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So, the world had been ravaged by war, but then had recovered, albeit, only a small but very advanced city was left over. One day I realized that the frozen pool of water in the town center contains some old survivors of the war, living in the ice, hiding. So, I take a shovel and dig a tunnel into the side of the block of ice.

Startlingly, a toy fire engine inside the ice activates and jumps out at me, landing on the floor and robotically driving away until it's wind-up mechanism ran out of stored energy. I kept digging. A large crocodile tried to snap my hand, next, and the ten foot animal wriggled out of the ice and tried to eat me. I hit it's nose and pushed it's head to the ground until it stopped wriggling, then stood behind it, released it and climbed on to a nearby wall until it had gone away.

Then, I climbed into the ice. I found myself in a large warehouse. Facing me, a distance away, was a tank. It came to life, and I exited. I went in again, but this time, the tank wasn't there. However, Nelson Mandela was. And he was armed. I ran to the side into a maze of boxes and Mandela kept trying to shoot me with his high tech missile launcher. Then, the tank came back. I was trapped, but they couldn't find me because they couldn't enter into the maze (it had two entrances) without running the risk of me getting away. I realized I could smash through some of the walls, so I done so. I found some weapons and returned and fired at the tank, and kept ducking back into cover when it turned to face me, then coming out in a different place.

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Tags: dreams, nelson mandella, tanks, war
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