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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

CGI Dinosaurs

I dreamt that CGI dinosaurs took over the world!

Walking down a busy London high street with skyscrapers all about, a t-Rex appears on the horizon. Now, in the dream, there was a very good reason for this. I dreamt that I watched a film that only had some footage of a t-Rex, because rendering it in CGI took so long. I then thought, in the dream, that I'd be happy with a lower resolution one in order to see more of it. Unfortunately, this very thought appeared to spark an invasion of London by large and intelligent dinosaurs.

So you know the story, panic on a large scale, death, destruction of the Human race, Human beings are now reduced to prey, and we hide around like rodents. Then I imagine (oh gawd I know you'll all hate me for this after Independance Day, Saying Private Ryan, Air Force One, etc) that only the USA has held out, and they kill dinosaurs with airplanes and powerful rockets. But, then, out of nowhere, lots of large dinosaurs arise by surprise from the coastlines of the USA and overwhelm the ground forces, and pretty soon USA falls too.

Now, I personally am hiding in a series of large houses with other people. We hide in the rooms and in the furniture. For some reason, quite recently, all people have become rather quite small, and the dinosaurs are smaller too and can now fit inside the houses. In particular, they have entered our house and are tearing up all the furniute, leaving rubble, wood and foam all over the place.

By this time the future of the Human species looked pretty dire. The dinosaurs could smell us out, smash down any defences we built, break into any piece of furniture or wall we hid in, etc. It was very lucky then that at this point, we all developed some superpowers. We could zap things with rays from our eyes. We used this mostly to dig tunnels into bricks, walls and the ground in order to hide.

A friend of mine had hid under a closed door from a dinosaur, which was waiting for him to come out. So, I built a tunnel up inside a wall, and every time a got up a foot or so higher, I would zap a tunnel in the door for my friend, who could then also climb a foot higher. We escaped to the next floor up.

We were in a three storey house, on the top floor, we couldn't go any higher. The dinosaurs had completely trashed this floor, including taking all the doors of their hinges. We thought we were going to starve to death. But then, lo and behold, I suddenly found myself realizing that many Human beings were left alive in the Channel Tunnel!

But, to get *into* the channel tunnel there was a large drop, which is why the dinosaurs didn't go down there. Also, though, it meant Humans couldn't have, unless it was for the following event. A dinosaur once did try to go down, but well to it's death, and then went really mouldy. Humans now call this "mouldy jump", and they jump from ground level into the mouldy body of the dinosaur, which cushions their fall. Then then throw up, but emerge unharmed.

Anyway, this didn't help our predicament back in the house. A dinosaur came up, a year later of something, and captured us. Damn. Except it was a really cuddly dinosaur and I hugged it and it loved me! I was it's pet! But it was going to eat me anyway. First, it showed me it's home. A family of dinosaurs had moved in to the house.

The mother and father dinosaur were sat in their scaley green beauty on a large sofa watching TV. But the TV then went fuzzy and they destroyed the remote control. Brutal, it was. I remember thinking, "You know you've hit the bottom when you sit staring at a white noise TV screen"

The dinosaurs flat was really nice, big fluffy carpet, all neat and tidy. They didn't seem to keep many objects or clutter around the flat. Speaking of which, I was looking to escape and trying to formulate a plan, like, going in to the countryside and building an underground refuge. Thankfully the dream ended before the dinosaur family decided to eat me.

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What a superb dream! I envy you :)

Ya, had Jurassic Park and Independance Day, Land of the Giants and all sorts, all rolled into one!

errr less cheese before bed time..or is that less chocolate?

cheese or chocolate?

*just baked chocolate cake....*

Both!... not at the same time, even *I* wouldn't try to do a cheese & chocolate melt!

I haven't eaten cheesy food for ages, so I don't know what these dreams are all about! They're not even nightmares, just bog standard wierd dreams... disappointingly non-scary!

Maybe your irratic sleep pattern results in a lot of sleeping in. This results in lots of periods of light sleep of the kind where you wake up fron really vivid dreams and hence remeber them.

This may well be true!

Definitely. When I have days off, and sleep in, I have these sort of dreams. Otherwise ... on my less that six hours a day ... nothing really!

It's the time when you wake up and then fall asleep again ... that's when the _brilliant_ dreams come.

Incidentally, you dream reads totally authentically. The whole thing is perfect dream logic! You must have written it down the moment you woke up.

You know that we don't remember dreams, don't you? We just rehearse them. Anything not rehearsed (re-remembered by conscious remembering) within a few minutes of waking, just fades into nothingness. That's why writing them down is good. If forces you to actually be aware of your dreams, rather than letting them fade to nothing. Just a thought.

I am in the habit of waking up (even if it's 3am or something random) and writing them down straight away. I know we don't remember them. I had several last night, but only wrote down the "biggest" one, and told myself if I remembered the others I'd write them down later. Oops. Didn't even recite them to myself or go over them in my mind! So I lost all of them!

I'd love to read some of your dreams though!

(Deleted comment)
Wow, damn good dreaming! I can imagine doing all that :-)

I dreampt I turned in to a veloceraptor style dinosaur once.
It was a real cool morph sequence starting at my feet and working up. I love morphing dreams and this was one I had a few times in the time I first had such dreams about a decade and a half ago.

You didn't have to worry you know. If they have evolved TV with remotes they would have evolved TV dinners. There would have been a vacume sealed tray of Microwave ready humans in the fridge.

Ah, I have to admit now that I didnt reveal the whole truth! They were watching human tv channels, but as the world was taken over and the humans were eaten, the last channel went off air, hence the static.

Vacume sealed tray of Microwave ready humans in the fridge is a great image though! One day! Soylent Green Chilled!

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