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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Problems with Heaven

Problems with Heaven: Free Will and Evil

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Re: you are dumb!!!

In that case, why does God not appear in full glory in front of everyone, so that no-one ever does sin? If God has that affect on people, a good god would automatically appear in front of everyone in such a way. As God does NOT do this or does not have this affect, your defence of white light theory does not hold.

Vexen is absolutely right!
If there was a God who truly wanted nothing but love and peace, why the big charade? Why the guessing? Why would God send everyone who has not even heard of christianity to hell? For there to be a truly loving, perfect creator, we wouldnt even be here feeling physical and emotional pain... I mean, the Bible even contradicts itself and proves God isn't all-knowing or all-loving.

In exodus 12:13, God has the Israelites mark their houses with blood for God to know which houses they reside in and pass over them... isnt Jesus all-knowing?

in exodus 32:27, the Lord orders slaughter... but, Christ is all-loving :(...

Re: you are dumb!!!

Death Emblem,
I happened to stumble across this website and had to post a comment. The problem with our society is that many people do not understand doctrine in the Christian church. Now I am not condemning you or anything, but I would love to know if you have read the Bible? God does give the opportunity for people to hear about the gospel. In fact, one of the future signs of Christ's return is in Mark 13:10 which says, "And the gospel must first be preached to all nations." You seem like a smart person, but I believe God will not come until everyone hears about Christ. His love saves sinners like myself. God gives you the free will of becoming a follower or not. I don't think God wanted to MAKE anyone love him-- what kind of love would it be if it were forced? Because He must let us choose Him or not, He must also let us make other choices. My question to you is why not believe in something where you can have eternal life rather than rot to nothing here on this earth? I know God is real and He is continuing to do great things in my life. God reveals himself more to me each day than ever before. Only when you search and trust in God with all your heart will He then bless you beyond belief. For there to be no God, why are so many Bible stories being revealed through archeology? If you look in the Old Testament, I have even realized that God is full of great power and is an angry. I would be angry too, like what you said in Exodus 32, because Moses saw that people were worshiping a golden calf. The people were killed off because they were a bad influence as Israelites. Then you talk about the passover in exodus 12. The passover happened because the pharaoh of Egypt would not let God's people go. God gave pharaoh many opportunities to let the slaves go, but did not. I personally like at the passover as something that was necessary in order to be an eye opener for pharaoh. I don't think you should base your religious beliefs upon the Old Testament. The church formed its' beliefs upon the New Testament. Christian, which means disciple, is derived from the book of Acts in chapter 11. The church started as a means to educate people about Christ, follow Christ's example, and send them out as "disciples" into the world. God has love for you! Just take into consideration John 3:16-17, "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him." God didn't have to send His Son to die for me, but He did. We no longer have to make sacrifices to God for our sins because Christ was the ultimate sacrifice, He was the Lamb that was slain. My sin has been covered by Christ's blood.

Re: you are dumb!!!

The free will argument does not work, and was abandoned by the great theologians of Christian past in the early centuries. Don't rely on it without researching the reasons why early Christians stopped using it as a logical argument.


If God wanted us to know all about the things you say, God would tell us DIRECTLY, in our native languages, straight into our heads. It wouldn't rely on fallible humans or language translations to spread such important message. If It wanted us to know, It has the power to tell everyone simultaneously. It doesn't do that. God does not need YOUR help, It is omnipotent and if It wants anyone to know something, It would simply let them know! There's no much merit in claiming It would go around publishing books and speaking through prophets and the like!

Re: you are dumb!!!

I enjoy the fact that you try to research everything about Christianity. As a matter of fact, I can't even begin to understand as to why you don't believe in a higher power. Who created you then? Because then you could easily get into the stupid discussion of how an atom was created and junk. There is no basis for the beginning of times except in Genesis 1 where God spoke and things were created. All scripture is God breathed. The Holy Spirit worked through people in order to record the events during the biblical era. To say that God does not directly speak to us is ludicrious. God speaks to me alot when I am quiet and in my dreams. If you are willing and open to what God will do in your life, He will bless you beyond belief!
God works through us Christians. Why should He speak to everyone at once when we have the freedom to choose whether or not to accept Him? No matter how you look at it, there will always be that one person who will not believe in something.
Another thing that I do not understand about what you write is on the basis of using the Satanic Bible. If you are an athiest, why do you quote things that are from Satan? huh. If you do not choose to accept any religion, why Satan?
It seems like you are afraid of God. Granted everyone should be! There will be coming a time and a place when God will send His son back to get His followers. I hope that by planting this seed in you, God will open your heart and that you will choose to accept Him. I hope I can see you in Heaven one day and I always want you to remember that there are people out here praying for the lost and especially just for you!:)

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Re: you are dumb!!!

Do you believe everything your Little Voice in your head says? And I quote "God would tell us directly," bud if he was to tell us directly what he wants us to do 1. We would second-guess the instructions. 2 We would think we are Nuts hearing voices. 3. If god was to tell everyone his plan, you will still have goofballs (if I can use such word) pretending they didn’t hear the Voice or better yet misrepresent the information. Not that we already have that now. We would not understand God not everyone is of the intelligent to understand him let alone comprehend e=mc2 so to have all understand bring to a Childs level and tell all the same information make it simple and short and sweet but yet we still try to read into the message. When will we learn?

I clearly understand that we must believe by a faith that he Christ sacrificed his life for you and me and by HIS GRACE the gift he gives/offers to you that he saves you from total damnation, but you must choose the faith or reject it. That is the free will one is talking about not pink elephants.

How much more simpler can I put it? Your choice maybe?

Why do we debate such things as good or evil?
Can we not just understand that there is SOMETHING that has a better understanding than us?
Don’t we just use 10% of our Brain just think what would happen if the other 90% was Unlocked?
Would you fathom the thought that a being could do just that why don’t we use the full potential of our brain?
Why are the Apes or Monkeys not turning into Humans now they still would be evolving (sp) it just don’t stop.
Are we the only intelligent life forms in the universe? I hope not!

Re: you are dumb!!!

OK death emblem, i'm not going to get into the whole "why is there evil, why dosen't God just send everyone to heavan" thing, but I'll try and clear up exodus 12:13 for you (or anyone else who's wondering).

God does NOT have the Israelites mark their houses so HE knows which houses to pass, He has them do it as a testament to his power (and/or the fact that He's all-knowing). This whole event is foreshadowing what is to come.

What blood did they use? Lambs Blood. Who didn't die? The ones who CHOSE to put the blood on their doors. They were saved by the blood.

Christ died for our sins. Christ was the lamb who was slaughtered. Who are saved? The ones who CHOOSE to accept Christ. They are saved by his blood. (John 3:16 for referance)


Re: you are dumb!!!

Here is a comment you used on another live journal:
"Oh God no... thank you for asking, sweetie, no it's no-one I know. Wouldn't that be terrible?"

I find it very ironic that you use the word, "God"? huh. Now why would you use the word, "God", if you do not believe in a higher being? Obviously you are very confused about what you believe in and obiviously you are looking for ways in order to escape God. Just looking for a reply soon! Love Always.

Re: you are dumb!!!

I speak English, and in English there are phrases such as "oh my God" that are correct to say or write; they are sayings with meanings that are seperate to my actual belief. They're metaphors and exclamations. "oh my god" has as much meaning as "oh shit!", "yikes!" or "hey currumba!".

Get a grip of your epistemology; language and phrases do NOT imply belief any more than metaphors are real!

Re: vexen

Vexen. I'm interested in knowing why it is important for you to prove that there is no God if there isn't one. Is it just a hobby, are you trying to prove it to yourself or are you trying to help others to see the dull, depressing light that our lives are totally meaningless.

I believe that a good, loving God does exist. I believe that He showed that there is some "greater good" behind suffereing by choosing to suffer with us. Kind of like a mother giving up her kidney for her daughter, just much worse. I believe that God himself chose to allow us to murder Him, put him through increadible suffering, in order to prove his love to us.
Is it not possible that we are to focussed on our own suffering to think that God does suffer and did suffer, but that He endures it because of a "greater good" has come, is coming or will come?

For the same reasons that scientists always try to question and disprove *any* theory - from the theory of the Ether to Lamarkism, in order to find truth.

Because beliefs affect behaviour, I like beliefs to be questioned and examined thoroughly, including my own. Don't forget that debating the existence of God is of course challenging my own atheism as well as others' theism. I like people to at least acknowledge different possibilities, to be open-minded, inquisitive and intelligent.

God is all-knowing, it knows all suffering and knows exactly what suffering it, because God itself created suffering along with everything else. God required no body of Jesus in order to somehow "gain" knowledge of suffering: God is all-knowing. If the Christian idea of the Trinity is true, then Jesus also is all-knowing, and did not need a bodily incarnation in order to understand humanity or suffering.

The Incarnation & Crucifiction was not for the benefit of God:

Also, there is no suffering in heaven according to Christian beliefs. As God is in Heaven, God does not suffer.

Re: you are dumb!!!

Just Curious, how many Gods have you known to judge what a good God would or would not do?

Re: you are dumb!!!

I've heard many theories of what god(s) are and what they would be. If you think you have a new one, and perhaps some evidence to back it up, please let me know.

Or if you think God would act otherwise, also, please, knock yourself out and enlighten me.

Re: you are not dumb!!!

you are the only one on this site that makes sense

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