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Am attending another Interview today... wish me luck again!

Yesterday's went excellently, it was very promising and natural and good interview. So I have another one with a more technical minded person today, who will quiz me on technical stuff including a HTML test, I don't really know what this test will entail but if I, Vexen, who talks and thinks in HTML [1], can't pass it, then no-one can!

[1] Although probably non-standards compliant HTML, and biased towards IE... hopefully the company/techie is practically orientated rather than theory orientated because I'd be weaker at the latter.

After interview yesterday I hung around Camden reading a collection of essays by Max Weber, who is very rapidly becoming someone I'm falling for. Then attended a Sluts meet, which was excellent because I love the company, and we met in a pub that sold Thai food, and got to see my adorable sister felishumanus.

Ah... Thai food... or something... after finally getting to bed last night at beyond midnight, I was woken a few hours later with stomach pains that my body told me were food poisoning or a lower stomach bug. It appears to have gone for now, so maybe it was the former. No other symptoms than waking up in pain and a tiny bit of sweating.

Today, am going to Interview then will sit around Camden reading a book all day (if anyone is around, text me on 07812 048684 and come keep me company from 1pm onwards!) until about 7/8pm where I will meet some friends in Starbucks. I will definately need the coffee because I only slept five hours last night, and four (restless) hours this nite!

Um... I need to write an updated CV and print it out for the 2nd Interview. I don't have a printer so I'm going to take a floppy with files on (and upload a version in case the floppy breaks), and if I happen to pass an Internet cafe or somesuchplace, then will pop in and print out file for whatever they charge.
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