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2nd Interview went well. Now, all I do is wait. In retrospect, I should have asked them how long it'd take to arrive at a decision. They tested me on HTML. Yep. In Notepad. Oh yes :-), my speciality :-), and asked me about website promotion. I told them I spend lots of time promoting my own websites and know off many techniques that give me #1 ranking for many search phrases. Then they said they wanted promotion done as cheaply as possibly, and I told them I don't spend a single penny on promotion services, which is true. All in all, it was very good. Worst point of interview : Marketing and sales techniques. I didn't really know what I was talking about, all my promotion experience is via search engines.

In other news... my stomach is playing power chords of doom. I had decided not to eat today, 'cos I appear to have a bug. I arrived 90 mins early and sat peacefully in a cafe near the workplace drinking a coffee and ate a tuna and sweetcorn sandwiche. So I sat through the interview with uncomfortable 5t0mach d00m happening.

I'll head back into London later to meet friends @ Sturbucks in central London.

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i enjoy your LJ layout. *nods*

Congrats, and good luck with the possible job! You do seem to be very proficient with the web stuff. :) I hope your 5t0mach feels better soon. :\ (coffee might make it worse)

Have fun at Sturbucks. ;) ...hee hee.

Thanks sweetie :-)

I think if I fail to get the position, it will likely have been attained by someone more familiar with sales and marketing promotion.

I knew the coffee would make me feel a bit ill, but I have only slept a few hours since Monday (didn't sleep on Tues night, and only slept a couple of hours on Wed night and Thur morning), so I still drank it :-) Big huge caffee mocha... lots of sugar and caffeine :-)

And good company helps, 'specially when two of my favorite people were also drained!

Sales and marketing? Sales and MARKETING?? I used to do that stuff!!! (Not for the web, however.)

And please... GET SOME SLEEP. ;-) That just doesn't sound healthy. I hope your kidneys and adrenals hold out over the years... with those habits! <:\ I can just see the three of you, sitting at Starbucks, dark circles & bags under your glazed-over eyes, slumped down in your seats, hands trembling as you fight back a narcoleptic urge and the need to urinate every twenty minutes. *L*

I am at my most creative when sleep deprived.

Um, what's that about kidneys and adrenals? And, urinate every twenty minutes? Oh dear, what IS in store for me if I don't change my crazy ways?

I used to tremble when sleep deprived, at uni, but practice eliminated that and many other symptoms (including tiredness, for the first day anyway)... I get hyperactive, and become a little emotionally stoic, don't want to snuggle, during second day. The third day (on occasion when I go that far) it's mostly unproductive and difficult, and I can only do automatic or physical tasks. When it comes to sleeping after the longest periods, sometimes I can't, and I need to drink coffee or some other stimulant in order to sleep.

At Uni I kept a sleep diary because I became of the opinion that some levels of sleep deprivation were becoming medically significant, and wanted logs, but since leaving uni I only skip sleep a few times per month now.

Felis looks after me a bit and tells me off if I stay up too long :-) So do you! Thanks :-)

I am at my most creative when sleep deprived.
That's because your brain's entering The Twilight Zone. :)

Um, what's that about kidneys and adrenals? And, urinate every twenty minutes? Oh dear, what IS in store for me if I don't change my crazy ways?
Well, it's usually temporary but excess caffeine is hard on those organs, and on the bladder, of course!

Sleep Deprivation: I saw a special on one of the educational channels about how--I think it was--a
?radio journalist decided to stay awake for as long as he could, and they documented it and monitored him. They had no idea the effects of long-term SD would be so serious. Basically, it kills off brain cells and his behavior was forever altered afterward, so..... be careful!!!! We NEED sleep. It rebalances your neurochemicals and it's when growth hormone is usually secreted (though it's different at different ages). It's not usually a good idea to tempt nature so often by going against basic bodily requirements.

Yes, I WILL keep telling you to GET SOME SLEEP if I see you writing about staying up all night again. :)

Organs: I gave up coffee in late January! (With two exceptions: When I'm at Slimelight, or, when I'm out with friends). I was drinking 4 cups a day in Jan... now I'm down to less than one a day (on average).

I've also studied sleep deprivation. The guy you are talking about stayed awake (unaided) for over a week, and became permanently brain damaged, and required drugs afterwards to put him to sleep. He started hullicinating after four days. I thought he was a student. I have it in mind to find the books where I originally read of him and revise his details! (It would have been some cognitive psychology book on memory, I think). However, I am no longer interesed in staying up for more than 36 hours, where there is also some kind of barrier. Beyond that, it's not productive or fun, just a slog!

I don't remember who the guy was, but in this program he was older than a student--maybe in his 30s or 40s. I'm pretty sure he was a radio personality. Maybe there was more than one SD study!

I get a headache if I try to stay awake too long. And at a race at Sears Point last year (a bigger weekend race), I stayed up too late the night before and got up early the next morning, and my reaction time was AWFUL. Also, once I had to brake too hard before missing the last turnoff road, and they kick you out of the racetrack for a year if you do something actually dangerous that could be avoided, so I was lucky they were nice to me, but I didn't come close to hitting anything anyway. That's how I found out how bad sleep deprivation can be--it's very dangerous when you're behind the wheel of a car! Messes up your perception and concentration.

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