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Very Untermensch People

I'm in a bad mood today... I hate stupid people, it's only been three days at this government course, and they are all the most worthless horde of pointless, pathetic, annoying mundanes ever... their language is disguisting, their thoughts are worthless and degrading to modern mankind.

I've been having homocidal thoughts today, I think I'm in a bad mood...

[Hitler] Maybe if I kill those I deem to be untermensch, the world will be a better place, and even if people hate me, I will know I am doing right[/Hitler]

They can't speak normally, or communicate, they moan and whine constantly, they have no concept of having to work or think in order to get results. They've all learned pretty quickly that I am better than all the qualified staff when it comes to both IT problems and... wait for this... English. Yep. The course leader is poor at English...

This is the arse end of humanity, in deed, and it stinks of you know what.

I have decided that certain work isn't for me... I find myself unable to deal with these people. I know, intellectually that it's "not their fault they're the way they are", although none of them are actually disabled or slow, etc, not medically, there must be reasons for them to come out like that. I was under the illusion that inner city drop outs were supposed to be tough, or strong, in some ways, these people are merely parasites, weaklings, and modern unnatural society cultivates them, when in the natural world, nature would kill them.

If only the solutions to such problems didn't involve rather extreme tactics! Just thank the fates that Vexen doesn't have any power! We are also overpopulated... it would be so nice to kill (ahem) two birds with one stone. Or grenade, etc.

Yeah... my future career is *not* going to be any one where I'm side by side with people like this, I don't think I react well at all.

OK, I'm going to go cook and try to forget about it... the above text is exaggerated for dramatic affect... I'm not actually that pissed off, just overwhelmed.
Tags: mundanes, stupidity, trash culture, untermensch
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