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Jogged 5 and a bit miles!

Just jogged 2 and a bit miles in 17 minutes :-)

Yay for an invigorating end to an otherwise entirely pointless day!


Hey, I jogged even more after that! I got home, rested for a while, then...

Jogged 1.5 miles (downhill) to a supermarket, where I got money out at the ATM, then, bought 6 pints of whole milk and 4 pints of fruit juice. I put these in my backpack, and jogged 1.5 miles back again, uphill! I jogged slower on the way back of course (once to put some money on gas/electric cards for the house), but didn't stop to take breaks! I did actuallly stop once about 2/3 of the way back and I was going to walk from there. But I said a Satanic mantra to myself a few times, then continues jogging, with my legs and chest burning a bit :-)

Tags: exercise, jogging
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