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My Room

My room: I have a very small room. I have coated the ceiling in thick black fur, with chains, bats and strips of cloth dangling down, or forming loops going back to the ceiling. The walls are completely covered in black material, posters. The window is 90% covered by a large 6ft by 4ft mirror, which also has some chains falling over it. The curtain permanently covers the rest of the Window.

Big black bookshelf, black computer desk, black chest of drawers.

But today I re-arranged it!

I used to have my bed, which is a single mattress that lays on the floor, leaning against the wall during the day. At night, I would lay it on the floor in front of the door to sleep. But I moved things around, moved a wardrobe *out* of my room, and now lay my bed down permanently. In the process, I also freed up some space around my computer desk, and also managed to free space on the tops.

I have created a few extra tops, and kept these in my new arrangement... on my bookshelf I have a large black of wood, coated in black material, that creates a large shelf where I put videos. My monitor is raised by 5 inches by a black case containing cassets, and resting on this and stretching to the window is another piece of wood, forming another self where I put some stationary.

One of my shelves (nailed to the wall) is extended using... an old Heroquest board, folded in half so only the black side shows. On this shelf is my cds.... 172 of them (not including a dozen or so singles).

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