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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Church of Satan/Anton LaVey is a Fraud? Satanism is a Nietzsche rip-off?

Read essay online and leave comment here

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FUCK YOU!!! Anton Lavey is not a fraud like god.Thy father who is in hell,hollow be thy name. heil SATAN!!! father and lord of the earth, please forgive this man,for he not knows any better. NEMA!!!


FUCK YOU!!! Anton Lavey is not a fraud like god.Thy father who is in hell,hollow be thy name. heil SATAN!!! father and lord of the earth, please forgive this man,for he not knows any better. NEMA!!!

My dear fellow, how have you become like that which we strive to combat?
I am disappointed that the words of a fool have left the mouth of a Satanist.
The text was not an insult to our founder and indeed a great man despite his detractors, it was an answer to a question placed in the context of an insult, if you had actually read it then you would have reacted differently.
I put it to you that you read only what you required to feed your negativity.....
Many thanks for pointing yourself out.

Rev. Danyael Morgan Black
First Church Of The Fallen


I've read what you said about Muslims, Mohammad and our whole Islamic religion.... I respect your opinion even though I strongly disagree.
Judging a religion with out living through its rituals and reading its bible with at least a good interpretation is not a smart thing to do. Just as you are always asking people not to judge yours.
Just for your information I looked all the points that you mentioned about Mohammad not being sincere and double faced. At the arising of our religion Mohammad and his followers where a minority and would have been stoned if they were public ( and that wouldn’t have been smart ), But let me assure you He never admit that false stone gods where true … Mohammad would have never had any followers if he wasn’t honest or was double standard, remember it’s the second religion on this planet it have to make some sense.
I ask you to read more about Islam and Muslims History and contribution in cases like freeing slaves, maintaining cultural and scientific treasures when others where destroying , killing and burning books.
Again I admire LaVey’s teaching, but don’t agree with all points …. It’s stupid to follow rules blindly …. I wouldn’t kneel when anyone tells me to, at least not blindly.
Sam Abdallah

I am not as such a Satanist myself, being that I find all forms of organized religion an insult to intelligence. But were I forced to choose one for my own purposes it would indeed be Satanism. I am a greater fan of Nietzsche than of Lavey, they are quite similar, that cannot be denied, but in some regards more credit must be given to Lavey for what he actually accomplished and aquired before his death. Lavey died a rich man with much power and fear at his disposal whereas Nietzsche died a madman. Just as Nietzche took up the torch for Schopenhauer, then, in turn, did Lavey for Nietzsche. I turned 20 mere months ago, and I have all such men to thank for my drive to better myself and my position.


who cares about this shit?
Get a friggin life for chirst sake.
/me farts and leaves.

Everything about satan is a fraud, even he himself.The only thing that he is good at is misleading and using people.


MAN FACK YOU! ! !How can you say that Satan is a FRAUD ???He uses peoples????REALLY WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT SATANISM IDIOT! ! !?you dident see what others saw and you say he is a Fraud!!!?? I Hope you will Burn for this!!!

Thats not all Satan dose

Satan tells the truth and he makes the weather from vary hot to vary cold to tornados, herracans, flash floods, he dose more then God dose, shit
if you want every thing go throw Satan. as Jesus did not take the earthly kingdoms. he told Satan i will always be a looser a Jackass of lies and nothing more i dont want kingdoms. other hands will tell you Satan Loves you more then God well its true... i pray more to Satan then the jackass of haeven. See Satan loves you more and he just trying get you to follow him. i say follow him. FUCK ALL THE STUPID JACKASSES THATS ON THE RIGHT HAND PATH THERE WORHLESS ASSHOLES JOIN THE LEFT HAND PATH OF LUCIFER

I would firstly like to point out that I have read many articles on Satanism online, in books, magazines etc. and I have never before felt compelled to write a 'thank you' note to the authors of said articles, so my praise is rare.
As a practicing Satanist, I have spent months attempting to reconcile, in my head, the supposed charlatan and definite unashamed liar, with the man who brought us excellent 'teachings'. As you may have guessed by now, I am talking about Anton La Vey.
For any Satanists screaming with rage at the fact that I dared call one of our great figureheads an unashamed liar, I wish to emphasise that I am a Satanist, but greater than that, I am an extremely well educated Satanist. I direct all those who think La Vey is unimpeachable to consider his essay on Satanic Weddings in 'Satan Speaks'(page 118) when he states that: "I don't perform Satanic Weddings", following up with the conclusion that the only marriage he would perform would be a demonic one. (one where the bride or groom creates an imaginary ideal partner) Compare this with the photograph in 'The Secret Life of a Satanist' of him actually performing a wedding - pretty conclusive proof, I'd say!
La Vey IS a liar. He admits as much himself, and any who blindly follow his every word without question are no better than the sheepish droves of supernatural optimists who pay through the nose for fortune tellers, unable to see that most (if not all) are simply very efficient cold readers.
Anyway, back to my original point. I desperately did not want him to be a liar, but the more I read, the more he contradicted himself. The information released by his daughter, Zeena was the final stone in my metaphoric coffin. My faith was now being tested, and severely. Could I follow a religion based upon the teachings of self-confessed liar? It was not until I stumbled upon your essay that I found my answer. It really doesn't matter if the source of philosophical truth is pure, or if it was all said in jest, so long as the philosophy itself speaks to people.
Thank you for freeing up my mind for more pressing issues.

Lavey a fraud...

I've been very confused myself. I seem to be finding info from unbiased and biased sources that confirm that Lavey lied about most of his legend.
I have a strong distaste for Confabulators, I've dealt with alot of them and they piss me right the fuck off.
I questioon the integrity of a man that would set up a great irreligion like Satanism and yet lie so much and confabulate great stories about onself to make onself out to be bigger/greater than one is. In psychological terms, does'nt a person whom confabulates alot to boost ones own ego by getting the adoration of mindless sheep do so for a lack of something in their own psyche and personal self-esteem; If one is so strong, why would they feel a need to make up fantastic stories about themselves to get respect from people???
I question Laveys integrity as a person{I'm somewhat undecided however}, I depise those that confabulate; nonetheless, like you said Vexen, it does'nt affect the usefullness and validity of his philosophy, I still admire it.
Lavey the philosopher, a intriquing and intelligent person; Lavey-the person whom confabulated, not someone I can really respect on the personal level.
I've never felt the need to confabulate myself in order to look big; I am what I am, I've found blatantly honesty to be best and most useful, my ego is strong enough to not care what others think so that I would confabulate to get their respect.
However, I will say this for Lavey, at leats his lies did'nt hurt anyonem they were lies to make himself look big, but they did not have a direct hurtful affect on anyones physical well beeing or really even their mental well-beeing{so long as Satanists learn to seperate Lavey the Satanic philosopher from Lavey the confabulating man}.
But again, for someone whom talked so much of beeing comfortable in ones own ego beeing satanic, I wonder-why did he feel the need to pump himself up on lies to make himself look greater than he was???

I think the CoS needs to take more "RESPONSIBILITY" in informing people whom wish to join them, or those whom would call themselves Satanists, and people in general about such things; Lavey himself should've showed more "responsibility" in this too; How can they talk of "responsibility to the repsonisble" so much when they he confabulated and they don't go out of their way to inform people and go out of their way to make excuses for his actions?

Again, I still respect Laveys philosophy and the stuff he came up with and wrote,etc, philosophically and for bringing Satanism out of the gutters and into a respected limelight, but his lies can only hurt his church and his own person.

Bill "Iconoclastithon" Baker

Re: Lavey a fraud...

"As a Satanist, I use LaVey's works as I use any other material or source. For my own gains and self empowerment. I do not see that it is important whether LaVey was honest, truthful, a nice person or even rich. I don't care if he was sincere or not... we can still use his writings. LaVey has created something that is useful to me even if it was all for himself. We should not doubt for one moment that everything he done was for himself. I wouldn't believe him if he said otherwise!"

This comes from my page http://www.dpjs.co.uk/counter/fraud.html , which this very discussion board is based on.

Why do you care so much about whether a dead guy bigged himself up or not? Seriously... are you writing a new biography? Are you trying to say something that hasn't been said before or trying to tell people something new, as if they haven't already looked into it themselves? What are your motives, and what do you want to achieve?

How can you, after reading the page linked, STILL think that anyone thinks LaVey was some goody-goody who never lied? Are you naive? Satanists are the least naive people I know - they KNOW that LaVey lied, because LaVey was a human! Everyone lies. But, the Church of Satan exists, it's philosophies are sound and it's outlook on life is meaningful and empowering. So whatever LaVey's motives were, whatever his tactics, they WORKED. THAT is the seperation of the man from the work. It's time to drop the past, buddy, and direct your energies to the future!

Undying love..........

I have not heard of Nietzsche. I have heard that it is $25 to get a card saying that you are a member of the Satanic Church ( is this true?). I was willing to pay that a few years ago, When I used to love reading he's work I had almost all his books other then "The Secret life of a Satanist." I even did a report on his writings in my high school! I still lust for him like a high school girl!

Re: Undying love..........

I love Anton LaVey and his work. Anyone who says he is a fraud is a pathetic know nothing. The very word devil comes from the indian devi which means god. Satan has been given an evil role simply because he represents the carnal earthly and mundane aspects of life. "god" is merely a balancing factor to our universe. Satanism is by far the best religion. It is about freedom and truth.

Re: Undying love..........

no actually devil comes from greek "Diabolos" meaning Liar or Slanderer

Anton LaVey

I remember reading about Anton awhile back and all I can tell you is that he is a sick mother f****r. I hope he is happy now with his friends downstairs where the temperature is real hot!

I think you're words are sheer genius. Such blatant points that have been left unsaid for too damn long. I personally am not a Satanist nor do I plan to become one, but your honesty and the honesty of LaVey towards your selfish ways is such a refreshing breath from all the bullshit I hear from brainwashed "over-Christians".

Crooked SS

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dumb fuck

you are the biggest flake ever. your probaly skimmed shit on the internet that was against LaVey. i dont know much aobut him but the stuff i red fomr Mansons auto bio. was enough to know hew legit. my freind lectured me on him and the man was much smarter than you will EVER be. overzellous crhstian. ill see you in hell.

Too Funny.

I have many a friend who havew been Satanist for years and have raised kids to be it as well, and one thing I've learned a true Satanist can quote a bible that a christian, why you ask....BEcause a satanist knows a secrect most christians over look....Know your enemy as well if not better than thou self. Know knowing that you'd think you'd wamt to be a Christian because in knowing the bible you know that satan loses in the in end and there's no miraculous recovery or change in the story. Rein in hell or serve in Heaven....Hmmm...HArd Choice but as you all know life if free and you have a choice so why argue over it, because weither you are a satanist or a christian only know know which was you wish to go.

I agree with the point that Nietzsche would probably disfavor modern Satanism, and I also think that LaVey owes a lot more credit to Nietzsche than he gave him.


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