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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Phone disabled & interview went well

The interview went very well, I'll know by Tuesday. I gave them one of my housemates' numbers because they wont be able to phone my own phone. My phone is now disabled, and now I'm phoning police so they can track my handset (I wrote down it's IMEI number a year ago, so they can track it). I will also phone London Underground and see if there's any chance at all that actually the person who took it has merely handed it in somewhere. I asked a guy at Cannon Street (where the train terminated) and he said that no-one had handed anything in from that train though.

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Väh! *throws bricks at whoever stole your phone* :( I really hope you get it back *crosses paws*, and I really really hope you get that job :D

*sends extra bricks in case they're needed and a big warm huggle :)*

*warm cuddle*

Thanks, I hope so too, but it's not *that* much of a loss if I don't. I'll get something, grrr pesky world!

Glad to hear the interview went well! But I do hope you get your phone back asap. Rar!

I don't think I'll get the phone back. I have to decide whether to pay £70 for a new handset or if I should buy a fancy new one with better WAP and digi-cam. Tempting gadgets!

and thanks :-)

... especially for the rar! :-)

I've had so many friends having phones and bags stolen recently that it's unbelievable. I keep everything in the inner pocket of a record bag which I wear inside out and across my body so it's basically impossible for anyone to pick pocket me though I shouldn't have to do this.

hope you get your phone returned, or something good comes out of this...

I'm very alert, together, very conscious of keeping my objects within close control and watching the people around me. But... I think I was more distracted, I had an interview coming, was reading a book (sociology and political history) and also had judged the people sat around me to be "safe"... like, there were a few old people, and I was sat in the last carriage so I could see anyone coming down the isle. But alas! Not to fret, I reported it to the police and the case & card are pretty unusable.

Something positive may come out of it... like, me buying a new phone? (I had no insurance, I never lose things normally, but I fancy one that can take photos!)

(Deleted comment)
I returned to the train and asked a station assistant, who said nothing had been handed in, and that there was nothing else I could do! Silly person.

Anyway, I didn't believe him so got a form from the LUL website, and will print it off when Jamie housemate is around, and send it off... but, if you don't mind checking for me, it'll save me time! I'm stuck, because I need to get a replacement ASAP, but *might* be getting a free phone, and it might be in lost property, so I have to wait... pesky world!

Um, anyway, it would be amazing if you could check... yeah, I'll email you description

Yeah, the artwork was great, natural looking.

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