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Did I mention that it snowed today?
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You did now. :) When does it finally stop snowing?

Oddly enough it's been sunny and warm for weeks up here in Edinburgh. I think someone is just having a laugh with the weather :)

Yay! Snow is great!

Weather here has been weird lately (um, in case you were wondering). Today I was warm wearing a short-sleeved shirt and pants outside, but four days ago we got sent home early from school because of a blizzard. This is what Michigan weather is like.

I came up with a theory. So far, it's pretty watertight.

Whenever the heating in our house stops working, the weather also becomes cold.

Then, when our heating is in tip-top condition, the weather gets hot.

I've been told that other people, also, have experienced this.

It must be related to Sod's Law.

I think you're on to something!

Our heater worked all winter, *but* a number of my friends lost electricity just before the blizzard I mentioned in my last comment. Coincidence?

*thinks about it*

I think my theory is Chaotic enough without pondering whether our heating could possibly be powered by an electricity source in MI state, using some kind of static-based squirrely tail fluff engine, which simply went to its drey to hide from the blizzard, thereby cutting off your friends' electricity, and my heating?

Ahh! That was confusing...

I just hope no squirrels were harmed! Even if one was inadvertently responsible for this...

snow?! It snowed on me last week. I wasn't impressed.

(I friended you btw, hope that's ok :) )

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