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Spent the morning doing housework. Then I ate pie and beans, which was yummy.

I've been upgrading my Notepad program:

It has Multiline search and replace now. So you can, for example, search through all open files and replace with multiple lines, or replace multiple lines with a single line, etc. This is invaluable for HTML editting where you might be editting twenty or thirty pages and want to change a part of the layout on all the pages.

It also has Prepend / Append functionality. So you can tell it to add certain text to the beginning, or end, of all open files.

Fixed a few bugs, so when you're doing multiple file searches when it has gone through all occurances, the Find & Replace form doesn't jump to the center of screen (which is always an annoying place for it to be).

Updated Favorites list, so when a file is missing it gives me an option of removing the file from the list, or of editting it. Previously I'd have to go to Options -> Favorites, but now it goes there automatically if I click.

I still couldn't fix the font selection option. When I ask windows to bring up the Common Dialogue Control for font selection, it complains that there are no fonts installed. In reality, there are many. I've had this problem for several years, and have given up trying to fix it. If I want to change font, I recompile!

In my Notepad's favorites list is markup.html where I store lots of useful blocks of HTML. So if I want to do one of my standard tricks (full-height table with top tr aligned top, and bottom tr aligned bottom with a disclaimer notice in it), I can do it in seconds.

I've also updated my New File > html document.html template file, removing the meta keywords header, because search engines don't use it any more, and adding lang="en" to opening HTML tag.
Tags: geek, html, notepad, programming
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