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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Pages introducing Satanism

"The Description, Philosophies and Justification of Satanism" by Vexen Crabtree

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What doyou say if i'll tell you I am Satan?

I'd say: "Satan, why don't you use a spellchecker or read through what you write before posting on someone's LiveJournal, and, tell me again, why on Earth are you posting to LJ?"

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Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

You're fantasizing about being Satan and sucking cock? You sound really cool, I hope you get good grades at school.

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Hi Vexen

I was quite curious to know what Satanism is, and undoubitly thaught it was an evil religion, on this later, (it is), but Ill expland on this later, But my question is this, The Sataniam religion calls itself after Satan, but proposes that Satan "does not exist" well what if he did? Do you know for a certainty he does not? because ye havent seen him does not mean hes not there.
Lets hypothisize that he does, you have basically pledged your allegience to this figure, how do you feel this will play out once your dead? Do you thnk Satan will give you mercy? Do you think Satan will tell you the truth or will he lie to you to suit his own purpose?
I would be a bit scared if I were you.
Now that you also believe that there is no god, that you must be a cosmic accident magically put on earth. Your basically worshiping the creation ie you. yOU ARE WORSHIPPING YOURSELF AND GIVE ALL THE CREDIT TO YOURSELF.Well tell me how you came to be, did you also create yourself in your mothers womb? How can you give yourself credit you do not deservew?
You dont really know Satan, if you did you would run a mile.He loives to decieve and at the end he will look like the angel of light.
Now your "religion" is not new, its basic human nature, people naturally evil and follow thier basic desires anyway, now more than in the past. So there is no need for "Satanism" as lots of people are doing what you say is your rules or philosophy. (What relly is the point to joining your group?)
When you die (we are all going to die), you probably believe that is the end of your journey. Well maybe or maybe NOT! What if there was life after death, something that humans have always thaught about, what do you think will happen? What if there really was Satan, will you still hold your allegience to him? Or will you change your mind?
If your followers believe in Magic,(just as the author of the Satanic Bible did), then they belive in the unseen,how is Magic more real than God? They "believe" in magic to work, so that there really are dark forces out there, so maybe there really is a Satan, and if Satan exists so does GOD.There is no night without the day.
Unfortunatly there are people who say they are christian who really should be in your group, there is no doubt about that.
But basically you play with the lowest human denominator, to get people to bewlieve wat you say, your site is not shoking nor disturbing, but it is sad.

(1) If there was a God, it would be evil. No other type of God is compatible with creation as we see it. So, therefore, if there is a Satan which opposes God, then I am on Satan's side. However, none are real, and I merely symbolically oppose a misguided ideal (god), by embracing this symbolic idea's arch-enemy (satan). That is what Satanism is. Symbolism, realism, and opposition to wishful thinking.

My ignorance

This certainly brought a lot of light to my life....
I was always ignorant towards satanism.
But now I see that it isn't some weird cult but one of virtues that make more sense than any other.
Great site....have to give you that much credit.
And thanks.
You just made me a believer.

Informative site- most Satanism sites I've seen do not actually explain what Satanists believe. Only problem I have is that those that most demand tolerance, do not express it, or only express mean they want it expressed to others like themselves- not to anyone who sees an organized religion as fulfillment of their lives, as seems to be expressed by Satanism. Intolerance feeds intolerance- the cardinal 'sin' of Satanism- stupidity. Also, Satanism doesn't really seem to be able to work in real life- you can not viably 'destroy' someone who annoys you in your home, as stated in the Satanic Bible.


michael stating to be high priest, transmiting he is satan shows that site is a joke
michael may be reached for comment 01388 745645

Excellent site

You've put a lot of thought and effort into your site, Vexen, and it shows. In particular, I enjoyed the objections. You don't see that every day.

Hail Satan!

I am a Satanist who actually believes in a being called Satan.He is my god and I bow to him.I don't understand why anyone would call themselves a Satanist and not believe in an actual being called Satan.They should call themselves "scary atheists" or something.I respect Anton LaVey vey much,but I'm a different kind of Satanist.I say shout it from the rooftops"Hail Satan,the living god of this world!!"

Re: Satan Is Real

satan does live in physical form... but he is not a single lifeform. simpily mankind. even the bible says this in revalations. children just have vivid imaginations


Technically, that's a pentagram. Pentacle comes from pende- which means "to hang," as it was often hung around the neck as a talismen. One form of the pentacle resembled a pentagram, and was therefore associated with penta- for five.


Ok i am having one trouble and need help on one subject... Where can i find The Satanic Bible... and is it necessary to get it because of the wide information on the web... the reason i am asking is because i have the issue of parenting and i dont really like the idea of them all ov a sudden seeing a copy of the bible being delivered to the front door from Amazon...

Balance and Satanism


I just wanted to drop you a comment and commend you on your well thought out essays with regards to the Satanic philosophy. I had a few hours to kill today and spent almost all of my time on your site, reading all of your essays. I shared the link with a bunch of friends and they agree (mostly) with your articulations on the site.

Hail Satan!

Re: Balance and Satanism

Thank you!


Thank you for taking the time to make those very informative articles. I have enjoyed reading them and they have broadened my knowledge a little on a few points.

satanists are sick

Satanism is Crazy, Its just an excuse to be worthless, perform sickening rituals, stain innocent souls and really.... Attention! I will not say you will burn in hell, Geees, I mean you bunch of lunetics are a walking hell.
Get a grip.

Re: satanists are sick

IF satanists are sick, tell me why there is a church or scientology?.

If satanist are a bunch of fucked up people, why satanism is a very well known all over the world?.

Its all about our way of life and its what we want to be.

and if you hate satanism so much why the fuck do you bother to put up such a comment? screw your mom you asshole!

If you wanna screw me up here is my email:


Hail satan!

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