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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Satanism A to Z

Satanism A to Z Dictionary

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hey did u know that the name for ancient name for satan is yahoweh which is the modern day english was believed and stated by qabalist that the name of the enemy of tetragrammaton(ha-shem)was spelled the same( yhwh )but was pronounced differently .yhwh is derived from the root word haweh,which means ,to be or coming into being .it represents creation.the opposite is howeh which means destrruction and ruin and is the root for yahoweh.satan was just the title meaning set-transgresser,transgression and tan meaning beast,jackal or in pheonician it means serpent.

Interesting, got a citation or reference where I can look this up?

Re: jahoveh

That is why Jehova Wankers are so evil in pestering you when you're trying to relax at home.

On another note:

Ethnic Cleansing must be actioned upon!!!!!! We must shout abuse at minorities please make sure you think about racist thoughts as this cleanses the soul and will make you live longer. Also throw as much abuse at all religous people who knock at your door trying to get you to join thier shite! We must become harsh and make these people suffer. Believe me the rewards are great.

Re: jahoveh

A joker!

Please explain briefly what is intelligent about racism/or a set attitude towards any one racial group.
YES I am asking you. How does any one ethinic group prevent you from your own self-mastery?

Get off Satanic websites, my friend. Get the fuck off.

You appear to be low-intelligence.

Re: jahoveh

misinterpretation. self justification

(Screened comment)

Re: Satanismo Moderno (und du!)



i hate god

Do you hate flying pink elephants too?

Re: god

your great to believe what you do and to be honest i believe in satanism as well but keep it on the down low because of the haters who won't give it a chance
form mely 15yrs
it isn't a waste of time at least what satanism say and represents is truthful.

Not good information

I have it on good authority that Jay Riippi and Kevin Kilstrom are not Satanists. You might want to confirm this kind of info instead of posting unsubstatiated gossip. Have you considered living in a "German Moon Base"? (Look it up on Google.)

- K


I just want to thank all involved for putting this on the net. i have found it a wonderful resource and have gained a great and new understanding of satanism. Although I am true and loyal to the norse religion, I find that the rules of satanism are excellent rules to live by. My hope is that true satanism will gain greater respect among the population, and i believe this site will only further that cause.


Thanks girl :-)

dogmatism on borrowed time


Now we all know, this is an information-superhighway.
I really feel it would be responsible of you (I mean, prove your OPEN-MINDEDNESS, prove your loyalty to INTELLIGENCE and KNOWLWEDGE)
to mention another organisation of the LHP - the Temple Of Set - Michael Aquino - in your A -Z dictionary. (It is wonderful btw, with a surplus of juicy philosophy).
But please - to exclude Magi such as Aquino (et. al) - to exclude a whole lifeline of Satanic thought such as the TOS - seems petty.
What are the rewards for such dogmatism? Pretty grim, NOT open-minded, and NOT joyous.
I am not a TOS member. But blah blah blah dogmatism ... are we dogs?"?????

Stop wankn ur time

Jehovah is the only GOD ever. Aryans are divine. satan is failure like arabs n niggers!

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