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Catholic Church still pesky

Catholic Church opposing condoms in Africa, despite HIV threats [2]
The Catholic Church is still strongly opposing the use of condoms in Africa. In Kenya, local Bishops have instead recommended that abstinence, "counselling" and "ethics" are used to prevent the spread of HIV, instead of condoms, and Bishop Korir said that only "the guilty were afraid and resorted condoms" and that he wanted "no condom talk". Dr Muga, Kenya, said that the government has reduced infection rate from 14% to 10% as a result of sex education and condom contraception.

Birmingham Catholic church boycotts Comic Relief because charity money raised might go into a family planning charity. Father Guy Nicholls, parish priest of the Oratory in Edgbaston, opposed the charity that was running a family planning charity for street children, and also giving them access to healthcare.[4]

Thankfully the UK doesn't have *as much* of a problem with Catholicism as the rest of the world. Africa and the USA are the two "most Catholic" areas.

There is some hope, though:[1]

"Forty three per cent of Roman Catholic priests in England and Wales do not support the Church's ban on contraception, while another 19 per cent were unsure whether to support the policy or not.

The findings come in a poll of 1,482 priests that was released last week. They will have the Pope livid with fury - he simply cannot tolerate dissent.

The poll also revealed that one in four priests were no longer convinced of the need for "chastity", while 21 per cent said that homosexuals should be allowed into the priesthood"

It is ridiculous that "moral" figures such as priests should, in the Catholic Church in the UK, think that being gay means you (for some superstitious reason) cannot be a priest. The Catholic Church, now riddled with paedophilia claims, more than 400 cases, really does need to change. Anyone reading this who is a Catholic should consider breaking contact with their church, and any priest should consider openly declaring dissatisfaction with the Vatican's anti-human and anti-equality policies.

Mother Theresa, one of the other "good guys" who has rabidly oppposed condoms, spent millions flying to and fro in Europe and the USA on political campaigns against contraceptives. The Catholic Church, with all it's money, *could* turn itself into a force for good and squarely put the dark ages behind itself, but, riddled with superstition and religious inhibitions, it is still a failure.

[1] 2003 April 4 NSS newsline
[2] 2003 Mar 28 NSS newsline
[4] 2003 Mar 14 NSS newsline
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