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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Christian Institute hypocrisy & immorality

Relaunched in 2013. The contents of "The Christian Institute: A UK Political Lobbying Organisation" by Vexen Crabtree (2013) is now:

Older notes:

Christian Institute (UK) hypocrisy3
Two Christian workers employed by Sefton Council have refused to tark part in adoptions for gay parents. As such a thing is part of their job, they have been fairly enough been threatened with dismissal. The Christian Institute, one of the most active Christian political groups in the UK, is fighting for the two Christians cause "based on Christian principles".

"However, during the consultation on the Employment Directive [...] the Christian Institute - and other faith groups - fought for the right to sack non-Christian workers who didn't support the "ethos" of faith-based organisations that employed them. Now, it seems they think it is OK for Christian employees to undermine the ethos of secular employers and get away with it. "

The Christian Institute wants to be able to sack people for not having the same beliefs as themselves, Christians, but also wants Christians to be able to remain in companies despite having religious beliefs that undermine the job the employees are supposed to do. In short, the Christian Institute is not fighting for morals, but supporting sectarianism and discrimination based on religion, and undermining the stability of society.

It is my belief that if you cannot do a job, the employees do not have to pay you, and can fire you. So, if you object to doing your job for *whatever* reason, be it religious reasons, moral ones, personal circumstance, the boss can fire you. Now, in reality, if the logical reason is only a temporary inhibition, then the boss probably wont. And rightly, there are laws to protect pregnant women. But in the modern world, you simply can't discriminate against gays, even if you do believe they're "immoral", because such discrimination causes hate and evil. But then again, the Christian Institute *is* famous for it's opposition of gay rights.

[3] 2003 Mar 21 NSS newsline

Christian Institute hypocrisy & immorality

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"In short, the Christian Institute is not fighting for morals, but supporting sectarianism and discrimination based on religion, and undermining the stability of society."

Agreed...they are NOT fighting for morals at all. Those women have no right to have thier biases and phobias continue protected by an employer, they should be let go.

The Christian Institute and the Christian Alliance are the two organisations that have been opposing gay rights here for many years - I debated against some (by proxy) of them in 1996, then headed by Baronness Young, also the head of the House of Lords. They pretty much oppose anything that sounds gay tolerant, let alone gay rights... I'm scared that the fundamentalists and Christian right, if they continue their rise to numerical superiority, are going to be as strong as USA groups like the Southern Baptists, Family Concern, etc... the sane majority of Christianity here is, unfortunately, as usual, much more polite and quiet than the extreme wings.

The CofE itself is divided, with several groupings of internal churches and areas being led by fundamentalists, there are now 2 government-sponsored Christian schools here ran by fundamentalists that teach creationism in preferance to science... we need to import some USA mid/liberal Christian groups who are more used to dealing with this, because ours don't know what to do! Even Rowan Williams has recently backed off from gay rights and distanced himself from his previous tolerant-sounding comments.

But... looking on the bright side, in Pakistan, Iran, Morocco, Syria... homosexuality is an offence worthy of death by stoning, so who am I to complain about mere equal rights?

Don't forget the Promise Keepers (here in the US)! They're working hard to gain political power and turn back the clock on all kinds of things.

The kinds of job discrimination here are right now a little different. There is some protection for gays, but other minorities are often given preference just in order to meet some affirmative action quota. This seems to be going by the wayside and it's being challenged, but it's still in effect and many people find it unfair -- to accept college students or employees based MAINLY upon their race, rather than their qualifications.

The faith-based initiatives are getting on some people's nerves but certainly not enough. Too many people are withdrawing and being quiet instead of speaking out exactly when they need to! I also fear that science is and will continue to be dragged down in schools by religion. I don't think it's even legal here for public schools to teach creationism, but in private schools they can get away with a lot.

There are lots of groups such as the Promise Keepers in the US, like the Jerry Falwell Institute, American Family Association, Christian Network, but their influence doesn't really extend over here (not in a publically known way), though the fundamentalist Christian churches that are rising no doubt use them as inspiration and perhaps in some cases are linked to them financially.

The same happens here, a black person could (for example) find a company that is under-represented in black employees, and apply to work for that company and would be at an advantage. It is a disadvantage of political correctness that this occurs, but, the solution of this mild and odd problem is elusive.

is relevent, I've not looked into how far such things have gone in the USA, recently fundamentalists /this/ side of the ocean have been getting my attention too much... I see the future of the USA as a more fundamentalist country, and feel like "giving up" trying to see how I can help, and am now worrying about fundies in *this* country.

With the addition of Poland to the EU, too, I am also worried about the increase in power of the Catholic Church, and of fundamentalism across Europe. We have some excellent secular states... um, countries, France, Germany, UK... but others such as Greece and The Vatican (observer) have powerful extremely conservative Christian powerbases.

There are two muslim faith schools here, one of them (in Scotland) has failed nearly all the government tests and is in danger of being closed down. Half the students time was spent on Islam/Koran studies, and all other areas of science, fitness and education were poor.

I completely don't agree with faith schools. It's like having a "Communist school" where children go and get indoctrinated by staunchly communist teachers, teaching them history and politics... even if exam results are otherwise good, the children themselves are at huge risk of intellectual harm in such biased environments.

(Oh dear... I sense an anti-sectarian school webpage coming up)

Excuse me whilst I copy this LJ entry in my notes files...

By the way when I say incest, I'm talking about parents and children.
Perhaps there is another term for this. I can be contacted on

I am not a regular o this page. I think there are a few points that need clarified.

1. The Christian Institute obviously think that homosexuality is wrong.
2. They think that it is wrong because they believe there is a God, who made creation and made it according to certain laws.
3. They believe that he has forbidden homosexuality (as well as rape, incest, consensual sex between heterosexual couples outside of a lifelong marriage, and bestiality.
4. Why? Because, the book and person who they trust, base their life on, follow and often are ready to die for says that it is wrong.
5.As such they really do have the best interests of everyone at heart in stopping as much as they can the spread of these practices.
6. These women were prepared to lose their jobs for this- you cannot deny that that was brave. They have enough work to fairly make up the hours for their employer in other ways without going against their conscience and I am sure that that is fair enough.
7. They are against violence against anyone including those they disagree with
8. They believe that all have sinned and turned away from God, and can be offered forgiveness by accepting God's free gift of change and being saved from the grip and punishment of all the wrong of their lives.
They have to try to stand against what they believe God says is wrong. But they should recognise there is no difference. All have equally done evil things and must ask for forgiveness from God.
9. Remember- not all people are Christians who say they are- some don't understand what it means

Christian Institute


I know this is OLD news, but it is interesting from the point of my academic research - I am in the middle of a PhD looking at faith based welfare in England; the main aspect of my thesis is that much faith based welfare, that heavily funded by the government etc. - does not represent a resurgence of religion in society, but rather religious organisations making use of the social/symbolic capital of religion. In the main these organisations are heavily reliant on government money, the bulk of the hands on staff aren't necessarily Christian and there is little, if any actual difference between the work these organisations do and that of other voluntary organisations.

I would be interested if you have a copy of story above - the link is now dead (8 years on, this is not a surprise!). If not, don't worry I am sure I can tract down at the British Library newspaper archive, but it would just save me a trip to Colindale NW9.




Re: Christian Institute

I am afraid I do not have an archived copy of that edition either by email (I have most the rest for 2003 from April!), so unfortunately you've drawn a short straw. I do try to archive everything I quote from online but alas, the internet is so fluid and references so thick, that I do not always succeed.

I would recommend contacting the NSS directly and asking for a copy of that newsletter! If you manage to get it, would you mind emailing me a copy too? Thanks.

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