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Christian Institute hypocrisy & immorality

Relaunched in 2013. The contents of "The Christian Institute: A UK Political Lobbying Organisation" by Vexen Crabtree (2013) is now:

Older notes:

Christian Institute (UK) hypocrisy3
Two Christian workers employed by Sefton Council have refused to tark part in adoptions for gay parents. As such a thing is part of their job, they have been fairly enough been threatened with dismissal. The Christian Institute, one of the most active Christian political groups in the UK, is fighting for the two Christians cause "based on Christian principles".

"However, during the consultation on the Employment Directive [...] the Christian Institute - and other faith groups - fought for the right to sack non-Christian workers who didn't support the "ethos" of faith-based organisations that employed them. Now, it seems they think it is OK for Christian employees to undermine the ethos of secular employers and get away with it. "

The Christian Institute wants to be able to sack people for not having the same beliefs as themselves, Christians, but also wants Christians to be able to remain in companies despite having religious beliefs that undermine the job the employees are supposed to do. In short, the Christian Institute is not fighting for morals, but supporting sectarianism and discrimination based on religion, and undermining the stability of society.

It is my belief that if you cannot do a job, the employees do not have to pay you, and can fire you. So, if you object to doing your job for *whatever* reason, be it religious reasons, moral ones, personal circumstance, the boss can fire you. Now, in reality, if the logical reason is only a temporary inhibition, then the boss probably wont. And rightly, there are laws to protect pregnant women. But in the modern world, you simply can't discriminate against gays, even if you do believe they're "immoral", because such discrimination causes hate and evil. But then again, the Christian Institute *is* famous for it's opposition of gay rights.

[3] 2003 Mar 21 NSS newsline

Christian Institute hypocrisy & immorality

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