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Vexen Crabtree 2015

4 new books

"The Jewish War" by Josephus (first century), translation by G. A. Williamson. Penguin Classics.

"Buddhism and the mythology of evil" by Trevor Ling. Oneworld publications.

"The Bahai Faith" by Joseph Shepperd.

The Oxford Who's Who in the Classical World.

A second hand bookshop in Camden had a 25% off closing down sale. All of the above for £15.

1 and 3 are both references, I don't plan on reading Josephus' one from beginning to end, but own it in order to check sources and quotes. I'll need Jewish Antiquites too, but it wasn't there.

2 is, basically, going to be used as compendium of references to evil, Mara, etc, in various Buddhist and Christian texts.

I've read most of 4 already. Bahai is a very bad religion in terms of human welfare, having many of the same teachings on marriage, sex, etc, that Abrahamic religions have, and is Islamic in nature, but more liberal. Bahai appeals to some Muslims, so represents a religion that may be capable of making Islamic countries more liberal and less monstrous.

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A book that might interest you..

I just recently read:

Jews, God And History by Max I Dimont

From ancient Palestine through Europe and the Orient, to America and modern Israel, Max I. Dimont shows how the saga of the Jews is interwoven with the story of virtually every nation on earth. This is a tale of a people escaping annihilation, fighting, falling back, advancing--a lively and fascinating look at a people that has contributed to humankind's spiritual and intellectual heritage in remarkable ways, and across a remarkable span of history.

Where did the Ba'hai faith originate, exactly? Just curious. I didn't know it was so similar to Islamic religions (in the ways you describe)! Abrahamic religions give me the creeps...

Persia, it's only a 100 years old or so.

Oh. ::cringe:: No wonder.

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