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Nigeria is on the verge of public stonings after adopting Islamic Sharia law [2]
Nigeria has recently adopted Muslim Sharia law. One woman, Amina Lawlal is sentanced to death by stoning for having a child outside of marriage, and there are two other such horrific public executions waiting to happen, although as yet none have been carried out. Election campaigning is believed to be the reason why these cases have suffered delays. Another woman under simlar charges was let off after a massive worldwide outcry. Presently, more than 2 million people have signed the petition, I signed it 2 weeks ago it is simple. Sign it here: (for instructions, visit the National Secular Society's homepage at the URL below)

What we learn from this: NEVER ALLOW RELIGIOUS BELIEFS TO FORM PART OF GOVERNMENT OR LAW MAKING PROCESS. So, for example, Sunday trading laws, anti-homosexuality, etc, should be opposed as should any law that exists only because of religious beliefs. Such things are a slippery slope. Do not accept EVEN YOUR OWN religous beliefs as part of common law. Third world countries and the USA have problems about this, so do Muslim countries and Greece, due to it's Christianity.

[2] 2003 Mar 28 NSS newsline
Tags: democracy, islam, nigeria, politics, religion, religious intolerance, sharia
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