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Monday Picnic

Went to London Sluts picnic in Hyde Park on Monday, which was great fun!

Vexen's Photos of Picnic

Arkady has lots of photos of the event...

There was arkady, felishumanus, BarbedWireKiss, Fluffy Mark, Sheridan, cyberpunkgrrl, Avalon, Darklyng, Wizard, perverse_idol, Blue Helen and some people who I didn't actually talk to but should have said hi to including glitchdrei and many others who I know but whose names I've forgotten, and probably at least one or two I hadn't seen before. Well there were nearly 30 people and I only managed to name 10 of them... oh, Jude, the tiny toddler cyber goth!

We had bubble blowing, tree climbing, koi fire playing, air propelled rockets, frizbees, food, lots of alcohol... and it seemed like the police kept going past in various modes of transport. 1 police car was going up and down, also, 2 police motorcycles, and a police van full of policemen.

Then it got silly, and when the police pogostickers went past I just had to hail them and we took photos of me bouncing around pogosticks with the police. I thought about doing the same with the police unicyclist, but actually because they hadn't scared us off the police must have called the US Military, because they dropped a sattelite guided bomb on us. Luckily it didn't detonate! Ha!
Tags: goths, hyde park, london, photos, picnic, sluts, tree climbing
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