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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Don't send HTML emails

"Don't Send HTML Emails" by Vexen Crabtree (2003)

HTML emails are harder to read, larger, take longer to download, facilitate all kinds of viruses and security risks, are impolite, are mostly spam and can't be read by all email clients. Be nice: Send plain text emails.

A user who is trying to communicate with me is refusing to turn off HTML emails... they are a Christian, I don't know how old or where, but they're annoying enough already (they have a tendancy towards UPPER CASE text too), ... so they inspired me to finally to a page that I can now quote at them, at length.

Disclaimer: Aspen Fox, you've given me just and sensible reasons why you prefer to send emails in HTML format, which is fine, it's not good netiquette but it works nontheless.

I'd be interested in hearing the "just and sensible" reasons. The only one I've heard that I can't argue with so far is "I use AOL/Hotmail and I don't have any choice".
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Makali wrote:
> I'd be interested in hearing the "just and
> sensible" reasons

I think she's not used to, or doesn't like, the standard netiquette method of "> QUOTE", so she uses HTML emails and writes responses right over the top of previous text, but in a different color. I've been having big email conversations with her (and she'll probably read this too!!) so she'll probably get used to the proper way of doing it, and switch over at some point.

Advantage of her way: Don't have to bother indenting the text. (Although it takes next to no time, if you're not used to it, it takes longer)

Disadvantage: Aside from the disadvantages listed on my page, the thread quickly becomes an unholy mess of HTML, colors and stuff, with all the quote attributations mixed up.

I didn't address this page at her, though, because it would be unfair to do so without actually explaining what the indented text and attributed text (ie, the first line of this response) is all about! Do you know any good URLs? (I'm planning on doing a whole site on Netiquette at some point, but not yet!)

> The only one I've heard that I can't
> argue with so far is "I use AOL/Hotmail
> and I don't have any choice".

I use Hotmail, and have it set to send only text emails. I done a test just now to make sure. I'm not sure where the setting is. Actually, it might be in the "Signature" options page. There is a sneaky check box for "Show the rich-text toolbar", and I suspect turning this on makes all emails HTML. If I turn it on, then off, it displays a warning that turning it off "will also remove rich text settings from your signature and/or emails"
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Okay, I read your essay. I didn't know it was such a big deal that someone could be prompted to write a full webpage RANT about it! I hope these sections are the *rant* parts, because otherwise they come across as just too judgmental and of a personally irritated nature:

"Sending HTML emails is impolite and presumptious. ... People other than spammers send HTML emails for various reasons. Those who are new to the Internet, the ignorant, the impolite and the young are all frequent HTML email senders because they in general don't realize the pitfalls. ...
HTML email is equated with SPAM, making it immediately irritating, annoying and impolite."

It's hard to believe that getting HTML from only two people could elicit such a heated response, but perhaps this has been going on for longer and actually involves much 'bigger fish to fry.'

I don't see my particular email client listed, but I could go into my program and look around to see if there's a hidden option somewhere to choose between HTML and plain-text, but I thought that it was already defaulted to plain text. (And please note: I'm not new to the internet, I'm not deliberately impolite, and I'm certainly not young. I suppose the only option left is ignorant.) Hopefully I've learned something, and now I'll go fiddle with my MS Outlook options to try to rectify this highly annoying HTML problem everybody else has. ;)
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Hey *hugs* don't worry too much... the paragraph you quoted me on is too, HTML email senders are frequently those types of people, but there are also many who have software that forces HTML emails, and many who actually *choose* to send HTML emails, for all kinds of reasons. I don't address (in my rant...) those who choose to send HTML, because that's there choice and is a difference of opinion where I can't claim to simply be "right", but nonetheless this page exists so I can quote it at people who do not know some of the issues involved with HTML emails.

This is an ongoing battle, you're right, it's not new, several companies (such as Microsoft) are very much promoting HTML emails, almost making them required, but they are bad for the industry so there is a large portion of Internet geeks and long-time users trying to halt the sales-team driven uptake of HTML emails. The problem is, mostly, new users coming on to the Internet end up accepting Microsoft/AOL default settings and send HTML emails, without having any idea about the issues. Not their fault, but that's the kind of person my page is most aimed towards.
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread) (Expand) they also use SMS-speak?
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My present pet fundamentalist? No, but they do speak in pseudo-Biblical English... here's a snippet, it's kind of entertaining:

Did you come to this high place of spirits and be so bold as to render to all your value judgement concerning my brother Paul?, and The Lord Jesus?
And you did based on many errors, not all on them thy own fault.
So then if i come to this same place with the full TRUTH should i not also be so bold as thee?"
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...and not to mention there are a significant number of people out there who have conditins which, for a variety of reasons, make it uncomfortable or even painful for them to read HTML emails.

Oh, and a suggestion: Maybe you could put up a sample of what an HTML email looks like to someone who has a plaintext-only mail client. I don't think most people who send HTML emails due to ignorance will know what a mess looks like to those with plaintext clients - hopefully the sight of it will prod them to change.

(says the cub, who just skips over HTML emails 'cause it takes too much effort to sift through all the tags to read the actual text)
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yeah, i dont think so

anyone who actually knows what they are doing when sending html messages will include text version of message in the same email as a separate header ALL email clients can read these types of emails and will automatically choose if the client is able to read HTML or TEXT and display the correct formatting.
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Illegible Web pages are no better

Hey, don't get me wrong, I agree with your sentiments about HTML emails. But the gray-on-gray color scheme undermines your cred as a savvy Web dude. Old fogeys like me don't have the ocular horsepower to read low-contrast text like that. Ever seen a book printed like that? I know paper's not hip, but it works. And after several thousand years of testing by hundreds of millions of users, the most popular color scheme by far is still black on white. Sometimes being in the majority isn't so bad...

Adios amigo
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I completely agree

I've made a post about the same subject on my blog. I just hope more people would start going back to plain text messages.

Link to article

Cheers, Tommi

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Re: I completely agree

Actually, books aren't printed black on white because that's what's easiest to read - they're printed that way because that's what's easiest to manufacture. And you can't really equate books with computer monitors, as monitors have a resolution of 72dpi, while books are virtually resolution independent (though I think the human eye sees at something like 250 or 300 dpi).

I've actually read that a higher contrast color scheme - like white on black, for example - is easier to read on a monitor than black on white. And let's not even get in to the differences between serif and sans serif fonts as they apply to print and/or the web.

Point being, black on white doesn't automatically make something easy to read.
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HTML emails

Personally I have my email account set to receive and send out html emails because I create my own creative emails to my friends and family with clip art and animations and captions. those emails that I dont want to receive from other sources I block them. So I dont know what all the fuss is about either. To each their own.
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Settle down.
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HTML Email

I just reached this page by accident.All I can say is that clearly you have a big issue. You have not really justified anything even though some of your points are valid. I have no personal agenda and I have no preference for html or text emails but clearly you need to evaluate your options again

1) Not all email programs read HTML emails
Then they should. Why not?
2)ML emails are security risk
Being on the internet is a security risk. Any computer savvy person knows that
3)HTML e-mail wastes bandwidth
Correction, HTML uses more bandwidth, it does not waste it. What does wasting mean. To you it may be wasting to others it may be something else
4)They connect to the internet by itself
I don't see the point of this.
5)HTML emails are unfriendly and unsightly
Wrong, they are more user friendly and give a pleasant look, hence the popularity
You are right about this. Most spam is in HTML format because of its popularity. However I have received spam in plain text as well

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Re: HTML Email

so as a satanist i suppose you sacrifice babys which is evil and that you drink blood the church called millmead baptist centre millmead guildford surrey claims that you are a cult and are demonic and that it preaches against you casting you to the depths, the minister their says that anyone who comes into their church needs deliverance from all you do, they claim that they are going to break down your stronghold and overall you, i think that its upto you if you want to be evil but i do find satanic sex facinating and a challenge but i would want to end up possesed by the devil or have a spirit of jezebel. so why would jesus cast you out and what and why does the bible hate you so much cant christians and satans live together and except each other, i heard about a meeting in london where they have a satanist meeting and that a new comer has to to have sex with satan on stage in front of every one and it is awsome a fellow of yours mentioned this in a talk at the church i went to and that when he left you hexed him and he became ill he has given loads of addresses to go to in london and surrey and the minister of millmead said that he is sending out his people to these places in next few months leading upto easter to pray against your churches and some may attend your church in disguise i felt i had to tell you that
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HTML e-mails

You boys obviously do have some problems with html e-mails. My advice is: - let others to decide. I personally think that html or plane text does not create the problems on the Net. It is the person behind the keyboard typing and abusing the system. What would you suggest about the national constitutions in every country, maybe we should not have them just because we have criminals???

Take it easy and regards to all of you!
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What do you think of this sentence,m y dear Lizzy?

Hi all!

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Webdesigners help


Nice site design. Okay, I need your help.
So, I wanna make my secondary school site, and I am looking for site template.
Can you advice some online catalog or other resource where I can find many site templates?

It would be better if it will be free:)
I think many of us have personal sites, do you design it yourself?

Regards, Bill.
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Re: Webdesigners help

There are some free web design packages (where you won't need to know HTML), and, some websites that simply offer templates to use for free (where you will probably need to customize & expand the templates using your own HTML).

All mine I make myself from scratch; the only program I use is Notepad, so, I don't know of any resources to use!
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No email

use the phone or write a letter and put it in the post...
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I am going to Singapore in just one week. All I know is that people have referred to it
as "Disneyland run by a Dictator". This is supposed to be a VACATION! Has anyone on here acually gone there for vacation?
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