Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
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New photos and stuff

Picked up new photos, they're an eclectic bunch! Photos of recent goth picnic are good... no stunning photos, an "ok" one of felishumanus, and an unfortunately unclear one of arkady. Got some nice photos of Ia'Kat. Nice, because they're new, and nice because they're Ia'Kat :-). Got a picture of a squirrel that I'm not putting up, 'cos it's quite poor. A few pictures of local bits of London under lots of snow, and a pretty photo of shuripentu

A picture of a nice looking sky... unfortunately, Photoshop cloud and lighting affects, and Bryce 3D, both create more beautiful and more natural looking skies than the real thing, so I have no use for this photo!
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