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Vexen Crabtree 2015

New Photos 2003 Jan, Feb, Mar

London Snow
Shuri & Vexen

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*looks like a cute Orthodox Christian cub*
Next time, I'll wear white. With little angelic wings. o:)

You look nice, I'm pleased this photo came out! I think it was Eemeli's camera magic, I remember him taking it.

Wings, yay! I'll bring my demon mask and trident then :-)
Actually that'd be a great photoshoot. All pretentious and religious-arty :-)

Shuri Pentu

From Neil - you're one pretty feline... purr... fect face!

Aww thankyou :D *purrnuzzles*

grrr may i looks ok in it...grrr

certainly nice to have a pic with my tail in it. :)

Yeah you look ok, if not good!

The tail is great :-), but is a shame your ears aren't so prominent though! In the other photo (not online) it was the other way round... but this photo is better.

There's two photos of you online now... not sure if you've seen the other one:
It's a bit obscured, but not bad.

i've seen it.

well maybe ok = goods ;p i just don't brag about it :p

Would you mind removing the link to my LJ, you can link to my webstie (to be updated...) instead if you wish

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