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Vexen Crabtree 2015

UN equal rights for gays & lesbians

The 1948 UN declaration of Human rights did not include any mention of sexuality. Now, with medical science and social acknowledgement of homosexuality, it has come to the UN to consider a statement on the equality of human sexuality.

"The vote is expected to be close, because the resolution is co-sponsored by at least 21 countries in the 53 member body". "There is speculation that the United States may abstain from this vote."

"In the US, several fundamentalist Christian groups have opposed the resolution. "Jane Adolphe [...] asserts that the proposed U.N. resolution "opens the door for further attacks" on the policies of the Catholic Church. The Church currently discriminates in employment and ordination of lesbians, women, and sometimes against gays."

Christians, Islam, Judaism and homosexuality:

Also, the Catholic Church has all but succeeded in blocking European anti-discrimination text in the draft constitution. Several countries in Europe (Greece, Poland, plus some other ex-commist bloc states) have become highly Catholic, and are giving the Vatican more power in Europe. Unfortunately, this archaic, beurocratic behemoth stands at odds with human rights and equality, and with it's large political and financial power, is threatening Human rights and equality across Europe.


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