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I get fan email from time to time... thankfully, they're (tellingly) a more literate bunch than my antagonists and those friendly worldwide religious prosyltizers (who, as a group, seem to know me quite well! That's my fault, that is)... but it takes a more mature person to write a fan email than it does to write a hateful and intolerant one, so I think fan mail worldwide is probably more mature than hate mail. Unless, of course, you're a Boy Band.

Anyway... a fan SMS (with her name replaced with 3 stars):

Dear Vexen, I am
your biggest fan.
 You rock me
hard. Love ****
I replied (honestly) with:

Eeeee, thanks!
- Vexen
Then things got silly. The last stranger to call me (except for jobhunting related activities) wanted me to prove to him that I was \M/ a true Satanist \M/ (rock on). Oh yes. Over the phone. Sooo... I put some black metal on my computer, turned it up, left my phone by the speaker and went to get a coffee. By the time I came back upstairs, he'd hung up!
Tags: black metal, fan mail, satanism, vexen
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