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Vexen Crabtree 2015


I get fan email from time to time... thankfully, they're (tellingly) a more literate bunch than my antagonists and those friendly worldwide religious prosyltizers (who, as a group, seem to know me quite well! That's my fault, that is)... but it takes a more mature person to write a fan email than it does to write a hateful and intolerant one, so I think fan mail worldwide is probably more mature than hate mail. Unless, of course, you're a Boy Band.

Anyway... a fan SMS (with her name replaced with 3 stars):

Dear Vexen, I am
your biggest fan.
 You rock me
hard. Love ****
I replied (honestly) with:

Eeeee, thanks!
- Vexen
Then things got silly. The last stranger to call me (except for jobhunting related activities) wanted me to prove to him that I was \M/ a true Satanist \M/ (rock on). Oh yes. Over the phone. Sooo... I put some black metal on my computer, turned it up, left my phone by the speaker and went to get a coffee. By the time I came back upstairs, he'd hung up!

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Moral of the story, Don't put your phone number on line, especialy as unlike an email it can be traced to an address easily.

I do put my mobile online... is it really easy to trace it to an address?

It was although it seems to be getting harder.
BT have a database which they use for phone books. theoreticaly it only works in one direction (Name to number or name to address) the police have a pumber to name and address vertion and after BT were forced to give the database to other companies for other directories and number enquieries services it happened that somebody exstracted thier database into a number to name vertion and this can be done by scanning in and proccessing a phone book too. The discs do exsist but they are currently illeagal. Last one I saw was about three years ago.

Moral of the story, clearly understood by its chief protagonist: proof of Satanism is in inverse proportion to the effort expended in proof!

Nice; and I may keep that as a little anecdote of what (I think) Satanism's about.

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