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I went to Catford, then went to Lewisham. Dropped off book, browsed sociology books but didn't find anything interesting.

Went to boots, bought camera film, razor blades (I blunted two or three yesterday) and suncream!

Jogged back from Lewisham to Lee train station, 1.4 miles in between 11 and 14 mins (I can't remember it was 13:03 or 13:06 I got there!).

So, between 7min48sec and 10min0sec per mile and I was carrying 7kg of stuff.

This is better than yesterday's 2mile run... obviously, the slower 2nd mile slowed down the average overall. OK, I need to scrap the "10 min mile" aim as clearly I'm already doing that. I'm applying for a job where the initial tests involve a mile jog that I have to do in 12 mines. No problem.

Other test is holding 14kg of stuff with outstretched arms, for 4 minues. I have an old military ammo box that is quite heavy, I'm going to weigh it then weigh up individual items and fill it until I've measured the total weighs 14kg. Where's Orinoco with his weights when you need him?
Tags: books, catford, exercise, fitness, jogging, lewisham, sociology
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