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Vexen Crabtree 2015

This is a diatribe...

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Thanks for your testimonial. Every religion has enigmatic followers who have had similar experiences, however it is impossible for me to accept your experience over anybody elses. A Hindu experiences the same liberation by entering into a relationship with Hindu gods... you with your God, each person in fact, with their own God.

Unless you can approach me more intellectually, I cannot accept your experiences any more than any other religions', in the modern world as we all become more intelligent and knowledgable, you *do* need to give more intellectual reasons why your experience is more valid than the Muslims, Buddhists or Hindus experience. Otherwise it's just yet-more religious talk, which the rest of the non-religious world thinks is more suitable for talk in a psychiatrists chair than a method of witnessing.

Re: Hi

Very good point! However all religions require faith not intellect Christian ,Hindu and even devil worshipers...therefore if you are searching for the truth you shall find it...there is a saying us Christains have try Jesus...

God Bless Love and Prayers Angel{a}

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