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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Wow, showering is a completely different experience! Like, after a few minutes I stood there thinking... erm, is that all? I never wank in the shower... so, with no hair to wash, I was only 5 mins! Normally I'm 15 mins.

Also... drying hair when I got out the shower took no time at all! My otherwise lovely sister can no longer threaten to turn me into a huge ball of fluff with a hairdryer. Luckily she doesn't live anywhere near me so such threats were always via the net.

Looking out the window, I notice that the Sky God is also having a shower.

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OKAY!!! You can stop reminding us! The picture was scary enough! For the love of everything good in this world PLEASE stop reminding us!

Yours close enough to a breakdown,

- Whitestar

Age of fire, age of horus... there are more changes to come!

but eyebrows can be fluffed!!! >:)

*makes note to pack hair dryer to bag for pub tomorrow...*

If you go walking outside when it's sunny, just don't forget your



Heh heh.

I bought some yesterday... 2 bottles... I keep one in my bag at all times, and the other at home (so I never need to remove the one from my bag).

So far, I haven't burnt myself...

I went to pub meet with a load of goths, and wore shiney white clothes with silver symbol... I don't know but having no hair meant that people (read "people" as ... Orinoco and my sister!) decided it was a good day to tickle me!

People were tickling you? :) Heh heh. (You wore WHITE? Instead of black??) Which sister is this you're talking about?

I see you didn't get it... again. ;) (sunscream)

Yeah, bright white from top to ankle... there were one or two photos taken on my non-digital camera. But I'm only on photo 3/4 out of 36 so I wont see them for ages!

I did notice you were writing sunscream by the way!

*does a shower dance*

(, do bath dances involve those bits between your legs? *looks innocent* o:)

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