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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Going to Slimelight this Saturday

Slimelight this Saturday.

Anyone else? I'll be around all Saturday, on my own. (Actually, what's my sister doing this Sat? She posted on LJ but I can't remember, /me go check)

Eeeeee, dancing!

... and Slimelighters!

And... I've decided it's about time I stopped being single.

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When will you have time to stop being single at the slimelight. You'll be on that dance floor all night and not speak to anyone.

(Why do you think I had two girl frinds who when I first met them spoke really poor english)

I don't trust random Slimelight people, they're all on too many drugs. You're right about my behavior :-)

But... erm, I don't get the girlfriends comment. Why did you?

Felis was the first girlfreind I ever had that I didn't find by accidently pulling sombody while on the dance floor. That includes three Italians a swead and the daugter of the right honrable member for sheerness.

It amazes me that one of thoes relarationships lasted at all but one did make it to a year and a half.

oic! I've only pulled one person in smiles... I went out with her for a few monthes, Angela, 'cos she was nice, sensible and didn't do drugs!

Sounds like dancefloor pulling is short term!

Is that three Italians "as well"? And I'm guessing that the "sheerness" is a place, but where? I'm a bad person for not being able to figure out Yella/Marcony/Felis mistypes so bear with me!

3 Italians as well as what?
Sheerness is in essex I think.

"3 Italians as well as what?"?

That's what I was asking! I guess it didn't mean that!

Actually now I think you meant "Three Italians, A Swede", as in, three Italians and a person from Sweden?

That's it....

Hang on what were you thinking? The rumours about me and root vegtables are totaly untrue.

Ah, a Freudian slip reveals your love for Italian Suede Soup... truly perverse!

"And... I've decided it's about time I stopped being single"

Hmmm. I decided that a while back. I'm blowed if it's made the slightest bit of difference though :-)

Good luck - dancing's a good start though.

sat: laundry
sat evening: booked by the beeg kitty, though i know some of the ladybirds are in town and planning to slime.

meetage could be arranged.

Hmmm tempting! Yes! I'll be in London all afternoon with not much to do!

we can arrange things tonight...i plan to me at Ms for the evening.

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