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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Jogged 1.07miles

In 17 minutes :-(. Bad! Wasn't even carrying 5kg.

I'm inconsistent. I'm not used to this jogging thing and my body is only intermittently prepared to work for me. I've learned, even if I do do under ten minute mile, it doesn't mean I've hit my aim, but if I can do it 7 days in a row, then I have.

A few weeks ago I wrote about the psychic benefits of being in fit shape: You think clearer, act quicker, have more mental time, sleep less, have less worries, your body aches less and pesters you less, you take control of your life. Writing that made me a hypocrite... it's about time I acted on some of my own lectures!

Of course not smoking, not doing drugs and hardly drinking all give me big advantages!

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You do have very big muscles though ;)

I think for some reason the lighting or slightly high contrast on recent photos made it look that way, but I don't really!

don't be too hard on yourself.

I need to take up swimming again, but i know i'll never get around to it, cos i'm used to it as a semi social thing :(

hmm fancy going swimming on saturday?

OMG, what an amazing coincidence, eeeeee!!!

The answer is: Yes I very much want to, but there's a problem.

I might be doing a 22 week intensive physical training course in a month or so, which is what I'm preparing for, to pass it I need to be an advanced swimmer in addition to lots of other things.

But I can't swim!

So today I was enquiring about doing an adult swimming course, it'll cost me £40 over a few weeks. I don't know if I should go to a swimming thingy, 'cos I'd be stuck in the shallow end! And I bet the staff wouldn't appreciate me telling them, "I'm just diving in the deep end, I can't swim, if I'm not back in 2 mins come rescue me!"

So I'd love to go swimming and it was a well timed question but I don't know if it's possible :-( ... which swimming place? Any in particular? I'll phone them. (I'll be brave).

i was thinking about a pool in kentish town (cos i'm lazy) i'd offer to teach you, but...i've beens swimming since i was little and don't think i could teach it well, better leave that to the experts.

we could do soem other exercise thing, but no running please! not yet anyways, i'm not fit enough. they have a gym, though i've only been to a gym once before.

we can talk tonight

I've never been in a gym!

Hee hee... very simple. Go in (if you've paid), get a key for a locker, get a towel, put on your workout clothes/shoes, jump on a bike or treadmill (or whatever), then play with some weights machines (they'll help you), get down on one of the mats and do some ab work and stretches, go take a shower. :)

Swimming: It's not that difficult to just swim laps for fitness, but you DO have to have a certain amount of cardio fitness to begin with, otherwise you'll be gasping for air within three minutes! Freestyle's probably the easiest stroke. Sidestroke and the backstroke are simple, too. I don't profess to be a great swimmer, but I do know how... the basics anyway. :) At least you won't have to worry about green hair or wearing a swim cap! (You might want swim goggles if the water is strongly chlorinated, though.)

I know how you feel, working in a gym each morning has introduced me to some very disciplined and energetic people, the benefits of getting and staying fit are huge and when I go back to uni I will put a more concerted effort into training hard, working hard and playing hard.

You can do it, it's just a lot of painful and hard work, but it get's easier the more you do I find (I tackle cycling up a huge hill everyday and I reckon I can now do it in half the time I could a year ago, and recover considerably faster). Oh and yes, your muscles looked huge in the last picture, you looked like a doorman or something *fears you* :D.

Yay, I have yet to discover gym culture. I (same as Felis by the sounds of it) probably would follow some friends to such places, but wouldn't start out on my own... (well, not yet, I might!)

I like pain when it's for good reasons!

I used to cycle lots too, including a series of hills... one day I'll probably recount one of my standard social stories... going down said hill, and my break cables (both of them) broke... it so wasn't fun.

A doorman? Tee hee... that photo was done with trickery and mirrors or something because I'm really not that well built!

brakes...why do you think i have a permanent lump on my head?

Poor kitty!

That reminds me to buy you a motocycle helmet! (After that Sluts meet lamppost incident... *ouch*)

oh dear and its the turtle again tonight....*makes note to pack a cushion to wear*

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