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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Slimelight disaster!

Saturday was beautiful, nice lunch and afternoon with felishumanus, around charity shops where I picked up some great tight pvc/leather trousers, and around Camden where I got a beautiful skirt. Then, I decided to go to whatever gig was on at Slimelight. I couldn't remember what was on, but knew it started at 7pm, so I bought a ticket and went. I asked at resurrection records what was on, and they mentioned something about Whitehouse, so I thought "ah, I know them" and happily went.

I realized, however, that I really hate Whitehouse although I like noise. Fuck, but at least, I went along and sat through it.

Earlier in the day, I had to change out of my trousers into the ones I bought. This was because, although it wasn't something I told my sister, they had broken on the way into London and were held together with a sole safety pin!

In Slimelight, I discovered that my new trousers, however, were a bit too tight... and a few times the button came undone. Then, the flys broke. And it was really obvious, so I got the safety pin from old trousers and put them in the new ones, to hold the fly shut. Kind of worked, I was happy. Well, the inevitable happened... twice. The button flew off and the pin bent out of shape, and couldn't hold them.

I decided to leave... and it was 12pm!!!! 12! I was disappointed! The night had been going great, I'd been sociable and danced, and people I knew were there and my new haircut was being completely showed off and everything!

I put in a big jumper, to cover my open trousers, and hobbled home, defeated. I had a plan that if I got back by 1am, I'd get changed, turn around, and go back to Slimes by night bus! Rarr! But walking from the station to my house, my Swear trainers lace broke! So I double-hobbled and hopped home and decided I'd taken enough punishment, I'll just stay at home!

This is Vexen, completely defeated! A bit angry... but mostly, I'm fucking amused and laughing a bit at such a deluge of unlikely-yet-typical events. Waaaaaa! If it wasn't 1am I'd go on mIRC and find a friend to come hug me!

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Is the "Whitehouse" a club? We Yanks used 2 have a famous punk club in DC called the "Whitehouse." In fact, your own homegrown band, named the Exploited played there, and later wrote a song called "fuck the usa" I guess based on what would seem an unpleasant experience. and the misfits played there too.

If you're ever in DC, then perhaps you should check it out. I know that's the 1st place I'm going if I get a chance to hit DC in the future.

htt:// was the club, preeded by the gig called "Why you never became a dancer", mainlined by the noise band called Whitehouse.

Felis say your wussed out and you should have worn the skirt

Yeah I know! I'll wear it around the house a bit and get used to walking in it before I attempt to dance in it though! It's a feet-length big smooth black silky skirt with combat-like pockets around the top, if it was a miniskirt I could dance no problem!

Just one of those nights, at least everything went wrong at once and that's it done with :)

i did wonder why you became less interested in charity shopping all of a sudden....

Hee hee.. poor Vexen! Yeah, leather pants are hard to work with if they need altering; have to be really careful.

Oh well. They'll be lots of other weekends for Slimelight. :) ::hugs::

hi there

just thought id email a fellow slimelighter...all be it not for years. Hoping to go there this sat. i used to dj there in 1996 so its been bout 12 years 9 god i feel old lol) were u around then???

You were a few years before my time I'm afraid! Because I live in Germany I've only managed to attend about once a year for the last 3, too :-(

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