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Vexen Crabtree 2015


I was on an island in the middle of a vast & permanently calm ocean. I was going to grow old and die on this island, no-one else was here. I climbed beneath the ground, onto scaffolding, climbing downwards until I got the bottom. Below and around me was complete darkness, dotted with stars. At the very bottom I strained to see if I could see anyone, but no spaceships were present. I walked through the jungle on the island, feeling alone. I walked out to sea, hopping across a series of stepping stones. I hopped to the very last ones, a mile out to sea, going as far as I could! Very calm water, but deep, and I can't swim, and there is nowhere to swim to anyway. On the horizon I can see something moving. It is a large wooden boat. I know it can't possibly see me but I wave anyway. I know that if it started coming this way, even, it would take it so long to get here that I'd be dead from old age first. I stand on the peacefeful stepping stone admiring the beautiful horizon and the tiny boat bobbing slowly on it.

So... in a break with tradition there were no demons, monsters, tramps or lovers in this dream, it was a simple isolation dream! Yay for simplicity and transparency! But 'boo :-(' to the truth that I don't trust people and I'm still unemployed & therefore not going out as much I should be doing to maintain social life.

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I only remember one episode of my dreams...(HORROR theme)

my grandparents took me to a chinese restaurant, there were pictures of the meals inside the lift and my grandma was choosing the dishes.
while we sat down and eat this eel like creature leapt out from a water tank concealed by a low wall towards a guy (quite far from us)
the 'eel' flew towards the guy's neck and attached itself there, I keep call it 'hagfish' in cantonese, though it looked more like a 'lamprey' (maybe it changed shape).
and then the guy was lying on the ground, not moving, a bloody mess on his neck, with a wriggling 'thing' kinda half buried in his neck...

*woke up...feeling hungry*

I've had a few of these blood and gore dreams already~ :/

Cool dream!

(She sends anonymous hugs to Vexen because she feels he needs them...!)

it sounds like a pretty setting, though
it's a sad one. i am glad that you want
to remedy your loneliness. <3

Interesting dream. :) (not even gonna ask about this trust issue!) You'll get a job soon enough, and then your social life will pick up on its own. Seems like that's how it works for just about everyone!

You should see "Spirited Away." I think you'd like the imaginative quality. :)

I had a strange and memorable dream a couple nights ago. I was in some kind of acting or theatre class with Leo DiCaprio and a few other vague people. At one point we were supposed to get up and perform a song for everyone (without musical accompaniment). I wasn't EVEN prepared, but I sang a Michelle Branch song ("The Game of Love") no problem -- even hit the higher notes (which I can do while awake, too). Hmmm. Wasn't much else to it. :)

I fancy Leonardo DiCaprio (or, have done at certain times) :-)... so, nice dream!

And... you're talented!

Leonardo, really? :) Ehh... he's okay. :Þ

Talented?! Nah, I play piano a lot better than I sing. (I've never sung in public!) But thanks. :)

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