Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree

Jehovis Witnesses! Two of them!

I kicked their arses big time :-) We talked for an hour.
The younger one didn't speak, the older one (50? 60?) was a confident and friendly person. I knew more about comparative religion than they, and basically I believe I was a better debater and "above" them and their arguments.

They opened the conversation by asking me about the bad people in the world... when you get on to theodicy, you're definately in Vexen Theology/Philosophy territory, and the problem of evil is the biggest thorn in the side of belief in god, they made a big mistake by bringing up "why are there bad people...", it went downhill for them since then!

We done Adam and Eve... and I kicked their arses, they quoted scripture on golden rule, sermon on the mount, all sorts, and in all areas I explained concisely and definitively the non-unique, illogical or problematic beliefs they had! They didn't get me on a single point!

It remained friendly, calm, open, happy, and at the end they were asking me if I studied theology, etc. What I didn't do is attack their beliefs, but I did tell them on each point why I didn't believe in God & the Bible. They say "Bible is true, proven by it's prophecies"... I say, "But from my point of view, I see that there are many religious books that make the same claim, and I wouldn't assume to trust one over any other". I asked them for a prophecy or two, and we went through three or four before they hit upon one that I couldn't refute. It was about the fall of Babylon, I'll have to look it up. It was an impressive prophecy.

They stuck to the free will theodicy, and I pressed them a bit hard on why they believe God has free will, but never has bad thoughts, and why God didn't create us the same way. Their answers became circular, and eventually they gave up on this, even though it seemed to be their main argument.

Now I am more than an hour late...

Anyone.. know I am late for going into London!
Tags: christian bible, debating, jehovis witness, religion
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