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Slimelight was good! And Sunday was expensive!

I left my house on my own (iakat left 2hrs ahead of me to meet mattlazycat) at 9.30... and arrived at 10.30 at Slimelight. Enough time to get some drinks during Gloomy Hour! 2 for the price of one.

So I started out by drinking 3 Watermelon flavored Bicardi Breezers and a Lime flavored alcopop (the precise variety escapes me). Then I was ready to start dancing! And dance I did....

I used to be concerned that I was becoming unable to dance to medium or slow goth or industrial. But this is no longer the case, and I can now do a very slow tempo swaying dancing thingy on the goth (slow) floor in Slimelight. But having said that.... I only do that when I want a break from the upstairs goth-rave floor. On which I spent 5 hours.

I danced so much. Actually I discovered (My legs began to hurt, especially below the knees, at the point where my boots end) that I cut my legs whilst dancing, in no less than 4 places, 2 per leg. So it stung a lot to take my boots off. Is that goth or what! *grin* I applied UB40... no er... what is it? Oh E45 cream to soothe the sores a little. But it's so worth it!

In Slimelight I was sociable a bit with iakat and mattlazycat, but with no-one else. I signed a cute, confident-yet-nervous goth girl in... she pounced me as I walked into Torrens street (where Slimelight is). I then immediately forgot what she looked like, so probably seemed to be intentionally ignoring her through the night. Poor girl!

I danced a lot... and got into it quickly. I done my main trance session... I done it slightly differently this time (normally I do one big trance session)... but this time I done a few 30-minutes build ups, then a full hour trance. That includes my own breathing excersices... plus the rigorous excersice, aerobics, intense wall of sound and finally... complete automation-Vexen. Bliss.

Between 2 and 7.30 I only ate: 1 mars bar, and drank one coffee. Which is about 1/3 of what I normally do. I did, of course, make sure I was constantly drinking water. Dehydration shotens the attention span and I like to make sure I don't get "shocked" afterwards from the heat.

I stopped dancing properly at 6.30am, and sat around. A regular at Slimelight (I don't know her name), pounced me. She simply sat by me, put her arms around me, held my hand tightly. And that's it... she didn't seem to want anything else other than to cuddle me tightly in between her dances. Which is good.. I wouldn't have liked her to. I respect that level of animal behaviour, it has a childish charm that I find missing from 99% of all the people I meet. She was a bit drunk.. making it all the more impressive that she still only wanted to hug. There appears to be some good-heartedness about her. Shame I'm not more sociable in Slimelight, there really are some good people there! She also didn't appear to be on drugs, she was "normally" alert, spoke normally, moved as a slightly-drunk girl would. I have tremondous respect for people who can survive in Slimelight until the morning without using drugs! *smiles* Not that I'm biased :-)... oh she also appeared to have a boyfriend. Which made her simple hugs seem even more harmless.

I left Slimelight and wondered around Camden until the shops opened. I then spent money! I'm normally strict (read: stingy).

I bought... a pair of soft New Rock shoes/sneakers. They were a bit expensive. I needed those, my old pair are torn, have a broken sole and are pretty decayed.

I bought an army combat waistcoat, with about a million pockets. I plan on gonig clubbing wearing in instead of a shirt, like a tank-top. It has pockets for water, change, and notebook plus eyeliner+sharpner. Perfect. It was cheap.

I bought a pair of jogging trousers... made of a space-suit looking padded material akin to something Cyberdog would create. They're tight fitting, *very* comfortable (they're actually woman-shaped), and were also cheap. They're a very dark silver.

I wondered around Camden for 5 hours. I wish I was more sociable! There are so many interesting people! Oh.. in Slimelight there was a guy with a large Baphomet tatooed on his left shoulder. It wasn't the fCOS design, it was the proper Church of Satan rendering. But I didn't talk to him. I was wearing a mesh shirt, with a huge cheesy red upturned pentacle on the front, so probably looked quite immature :-)

I sat around watching goths cuddling goths... chinese goths, cute girls, Camden people... gotta love 'em. I didn't recognize anyone else from Slimelight, but I do know that there are others who stay up all day afterwards too. It's not just me, honest!

At 11:30am, Resurrection Records opened, so I went in there and bought 2 cds. I bought a dance-indsutrial compilation called "We came to dance" that I haven't listened to yet. It's a double CD of alternative club tracks... ie Front 242, VNV Nation (a remix of Dark Angel that I don't have... and will give mp3 of to empiress because she's my VNV Nation girl, Velvet Acid Christ, Noyce... etc etc.

Also I bought.... wait for it..."Ad Noctum" by Limbionic Art. Which is Black Metal.

Black Metal is genius, evil, completely powerawe inspiring beautiful horror. And Limbionic Art pull of their tracks (all between 6 and 11 minutes long) with such beauty; long winding endless circular going-nowhere tracks... it's like placing your head under a waterfall (a diabolus, in fact) of pure evil productivity and letting every whiney, unhappy or weak thought be washed away during 58 minutes of Satanic therapy.

OK... now it's 3pm... I have 6 hours to find things to do whilst becoming more tired! My back and neck haven't been hurting at all recently... maybe I can play Quake 3 for an hour.

*Vexen kneels before the Unholy Altar that is his computer (called Golgotha, coincidentally), and prays to the Demon of Neck Injuries: Please let me play Quake 3 for an hour*

Would the Demon of Neck Injuries be called Ventriloque? It seems apt :-)

My slimelight page: Slimelight
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