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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Cybercafe again...

I visited a cybercafe and configured it's Outlook to download all my mail from vexen.co.uk... since Tuesday, 8 days ago, I've got 750 emails. You know... really quite a lot... 93 per day or something. Of course my Outlook spam filters at home would normally delete a good portion of them, in my mind I only get 50 spams/emails a day.

Of those, I deleted all spam and all emails from mailing lists, and kept 36 emails... including LJ response emails, there were quite a few LondonFurs and Sluts emails, a few LondonSatanists, but in all I'd say 100 or so mailing list mails, meaning I get about (750-100-36/8)=(614/8)= 307/4 = 150/2 = 75 spams per day!

OK, I am taking emails home on a floppy, writing responses, then will email/post them to people in a few days time!

In other news, I've found a broadband provider (hint: it's not BT, the bastards) and will phone them later, cheaper than BT, allowing fixed IP address (for an extra £2 per month) too, and without a contract except 1-monthes-notice-to-quit.

And... I've now got a brand new four week fitness course to go through. Jogging will be the hardest part, by the end I am supposed to be doing 5 mile run per day, along with 30 pressups (I can do 15...), 30 situps (I can do like 40 or something, that's easy!) and other stuff.

I passed my first military test with nearly 100% ... and in half the allocated time too :-), they got a print out of options that included *every* option....

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Wuf! Why all the exercising? (Please excuse the cub, she's dim today.)

I hope the new ISP works well - who are they? At least they're cheap and have a good contract :)

I'm going to have a military 2-day physical test in a few weeks, followed by a 2 month intensive training course, and I'm following a 4-week schedule which should get me fit enough to be able to start the training!

Actually I'm back with BT, they've been very good for many monthes, and managed to sort it out before the other company ( http://www.v21.co.uk ) got back to me.

I'm online!!!!

*super hugs*

Ha so now you CAN keep in touch - it'll just take longer.

So what's next? Philosophy, religion oh I know GM food!!!!! Or perhap's the virtues of 8o's punk rock versus EMB......

The sit up's are impressive, though why the sudden get fit kick? You don't look out of shape.......

GM Food! I love it, and support it lots! I don't like the overly paranoid way that the common herd can be rifled up to oppose something new, without having any understanding of what the issues are all about, I think we should leave it to the scientists, specialists and statiticians and take their advise, not the advise promoted by sensationalist newspapers... people are too easily led on.

80s punk rules! But so does EBM! I think they're not really comparable, they have different virtues, like Shoes and Trainers: Different. But... EBM is better, 'cos I love electronic drum machines and don't like real drummers. Neither do I like drunken punks! (And to say a "drunken punk" is almost a tautology... although I do know sober punks, they are mostly young and merely pseudo-punk-students!)

I've been doing 2 miles per day at the moment... am going to start doing 3 miles per day soon (not today)... I still haven't done 2 miles in 16 minutes though, it's down to 19mins at the moment. I love it :-) I'm getting fit 'cos I'm going to work in some dangerous foreign countries for the government, and I have to pass a 2 month training course in a month or so.

Damn, 'fraid I can't disagree with you about GM food. I'm way behind it. I think this whole 'organic' kick has been manufactured just to sell substandard more expensiive good's to the gulibale public. I mean, fine, let's elimainate pesticides, if we can, but really, I'd way rather have a big, orange carrot than the skanny little bit's of dirt you get in organic packaging.

Have to say though, nine times out of ten I prefer the real thing when it comes to music, prefer actual people playing actual instrument's. Though, obviousely electric guitar is the best. And, I'm afraid I'm dead against the way too fast electronic beat's... they give me a sore head... :( but then so does Kenny Rodger's!!!

So what are you training to be a secret agent or something? " 'cos I'm going to work in some dangerous foreign countries for the government, and I have to pass a 2 month training course in a month or so." sound's intreguing!!!!

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