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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

List of pages on the Church of Satan

Structure, function, organisation, membership of the Church of Satan

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come across th website, now i listen to a lot of black metal bands and the general thing they did in Norway was burn churches and desecrating graves, now thats morally wrong, but thats not a sign of being a satanist to me, thats kids stuff, and gives the name Satanist a bad name. I believe in some aspects of satanism but i wouldnt condone some of the behaviour some people do. Please enlighten me with your knowledge of this. thankyou

Need help finding satanists

How can I find other satanists in my area? How can I get on a good newsletter?


I'm a Christian and following a wise saying "know your enemy" i was researching a bit on satanism and stumbled upon this website. One thing that really surprised me was that instead of finding people beleiving into the opposite of what i beleive in, i found people who dont beleive into anything at all. But then i realized that that's exactly what devil wants. we doesn't need followers he needs people who follow their sinful desires. he's a killer and he needs new victims and not new members of the gang. why would anybody worship his own killer? and why would a killer want a worshipping victim?
i think that guy Anton was either very smart or really stupid to set up such a trap for his followers. I wish that life will prove you wrong and you come back to what you call a "right-hand path". I seriously doubt though. so far your life has no meaning and no use the years that passed became nothing. soon there will be no more years left- only nothing, and that will be the only thing you have. find an intelligent priest and talk to him. mrbabayan@yahoo.com

satan is evil full stop... satanists will burn in hell one day, God will give you eternal life... of course satan wants that, do u know that satan/Lucifer was an angel, God's angel, but he wanted 2 be God and more powerful than him and God kicked him out of heaven... i do agree with you cuz i am a Christian 2

i am curious of seeking out other athiests

I want to join the church of satan considering the facts of the cruel mathematics placed before me. Its obvious that evil is god and existence is hell, the cycle is far too repetitive. My e-mail address is rockwell_leyendekcer@yahoo.com. I am "black " but I am going to change my name to Richard Dawkins Albert Camus after I graduate.

hey.... im happy to hea that there are some satanists in england. i have been satanist from the age of 16 and am now 18 but one thing is bugging me is there a church of satan in england? if so then where as i would love to meet people with the same beliefs as me..... thanks.

Re: hi i need to know you better

hello iam also interested in it but not knowing the right place to goto for the satannic woship

Satanism v Christianity

Lets crush the Christian Church, they're all hypocrites.
Natasha Crist

Re: Satanism v Christianity

there are some hypocracy in the christian church. Thats what happenes when you rely on yourself and not God , however, there is no hypocrascy in Christ Jesus who defeated your god on the cross 2000 years ago.

I hope you know what you're doing.. It isn't too late to ask for forgiveness. I hope you My Lord jesus Christ can still forgive you..Jesus Loves you!!!

My Lord Jesus Christ is willing to accept your forgiveness. Please change yourself and be with Him, he died for you.. Our King died for us... Are you not aware?

My Lord Jesus Christ is willing to accept your mistakes. Please change yourself and be with Him, he died for you.. Our King died for us... Are you not aware?

open up your hearts. it isn't too late.. Ask for forgiveness then you shall be saved!!!! Jesus Christ is willing to accept your mistakes.

how do i join up !!! i really want to join

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